The First Ever Photography Tour; Owerri Photowalk by CEO, Chibuike Alagboso

On the 13th of February, 2016, something new and exciting will happen in Owerri (in select areas though) by one of Social Good's Pop Up incubator finalistsChibuike Alagboso It is the first ever Photowalk to be organized in Owerri, and possibly in the south-east.

The big question that has been on the lips of people since the topic has been broached is this: “what is a photowalk and of what benefit is it?”
Well it’s not been easy to answer or explain especially to people whose idea of photography is just to take a picture and post on their social media profiles.

The simple popular quote “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” should go a long way to answer that question but in case it still fussy, the photowalk is being organized by and for people [of all ages] who are passionate about photography and see it as more than what I just described above.
Just like the saying above, the intent is to use photography to tell our story. Our photographs will speak volumes about the life and people living in Owerri. We hope to bring out “The real essence of Owerri ” through our pictures and we are confident in the creative potential of the people who have indicated interest to participate.
So what will happen during the Photowalk is basically to assemble at a pre-determined location, we walk along a pre-determined route and take picture [and gist] as we walk. The beautiful thing about such an event is people can see a scene or object of interest from different perspectives and photograph from different angles.
The Photowalk will be very objective and we hope to bring out the good, the bad and the ugly along the routes we will walk. We hope to have loads of fun while doing this and it’s going to serve as a form of exercise for participants to burn some extra calories and keep fit.

To register your interest to participate, visit the link
Registration will enable you receive updates of time and take off point before then. You can however follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

So are you going to participate in Owerri’s first ever photowalk?