I don't know what you think, but this is the best time to become an entrepreneur.

Right from your couch, you still got great options.

As in, bankable ones for that matter.

For your information, human needs have never been this insatiable in the history of mankind and the human populations are exploding like crazy!

Take Nigeria for example. According to a United Nations report, the population of Nigeria will hit over 440 million by 2050, which would then make her the 3rd most populous nation in the globe. And by 2100, it is also reported that that population would hit 914 million.

Now, you do the math.

If we were to use the 2050 projection as a baseline, then it means we are looking at an average of 7.6 million new need opportunity open to today's entrepreneurs to tap into yearly for the next 34 years.

Will these people have problems? Yes. Will they need entrepreneurs to come to their rescue? Hell YES!

But now here's the juicier part.

Being an entrepreneur in the face of all these vagaries is not like it used to be. Things have changed and keep changing. Market entry is so loose that even a toddler with the right business sense and grit can crawl in with ease and succeed. Market forces are being redefined, regraphed, and Goliaths are now getting more serious and scared, looking over their shoulders for little Davids.

Powers are changing hands!

Apparently, as an entrepreneur you can now either shrink or boycott some factors of production as against what it once was. Of course, you and I know that such move seemed rather impossible or less pronounced before the damn of the millennium.

But not any more. This is a new era.

The era when entrepreneurs come in different shapes, colours, sizes, and madness!

I mean, take a look at what all these 'small boys and girls' are doing today. Disrupting everything in the marketplace, even from the comfort of their couch. Even breast-feeding mothers, while still having their breasts tucked in the mouths of their babies, are building great businesses and serving the market like never before right from their kitchens or bedrooms.

Look, the brick-and-mortar model is not only the option, anymore.

You can start anywhere, anyhow but certainly not anywhen. That's why I keep stating that this is the right time for entrepreneurs to get started. The need gap is massive and fresh.

So what are you still waiting for?

Not too long ago, I saw and read through a certain interesting pie chart report that pegged the global percentile of total entrepreneurs at just 5% for a staggering world population of 7 billion.

What does this tell you?

This is our time!

So wouldn't you rather start from your couch?

Copyright 2016 - Chinonso Ogbogu