Chisom's Heart Buzz

Hello Boss,

This was me yesterday after Church service! To think that I managed to go to Church when I was heart broken and felt depressed, is amazing. Someone I love, acted out of values and I had to quit!

But I took this picture with so much swag afterwards. That's what Jesus can do!

He gave me strength to push ahead today working this blog and at Logos Audibles. I just finished editing a book this morning, and sent it off to my illustrator and layout designer for his beat!

Working my passion at Logos Audibles just rocks!

I'd be bringing you Part 2 of what I learnt at Entrepreneurship Basecamp tomorrow.

I also apologise for not bringing live updates from the Social Entrepreneurship Conference as I promised. We couldn't attend because of some technical hitches on our side, so had to apologise to the organiser, Aunty Titi Ojo.

Hold your head up, smile and receive the benefits loaded in today!

*Toast to you*