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The Boston Consulting Group Review By The Lords of Strategy: Lessons From Chinonso Ogbogu

For the past two weeks or so, I have been reading through a beautiful book titled THE LORDS OF STRATEGY written by Walter Kiechel III, the former Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine.
The book is, at least so far that I have read, about the birth and the systematic evolution of the whole concept of strategy education and practice in business and the early kingpins who were involved in formulating and propagating it and their respective stories.
Today I want to first share with you an interesting paragraph from the book, because this paragraph kinda serves as a good backdrop for what I will be talking about today. The first paragraph of Chapter 2 of the book says:

"THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP opened its doors for business on July 1, 1963, with "one room, a desk, no telephone, and no secretary," according to the firm's official history of its early years. Bruce Henderson, founder of what was then known as the Management Consulting Division of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, was its sole employee. If you read his resume up until then, you wouldn't have taken Henderson for an entrepreneur. For starters, the forty-eight-year-old had worked his entire life for established companies." ~ TLOS
Fast forward to today, 53 years after, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is now a world-leading multinational consulting firm and a leading authority on business strategy. With a total revenue of about $5 billion, Boston Consulting Group now has a total staff of over 10,000 and they have about 82 offices spread across 46 countries across the globe. Today BCG consults for more than two-thirds of the world's Fortune 500 companies, and in 2015 it was ranked 2nd in Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For".
If you are an entrepreneur and you are reading this, and your eyes are already popping out, please I need you to pause for a while and ask yourself these 2 simple questions:
1. What promise will my business be fulfilling 50 years from today?
2. What am I doing today to help my business fulfil that promise?
As an entrepreneur, you got to hold yourself accountable for providing quality answers to those 2 questions. No matter how small you are today, you have the tendency to grow big. But such tendency can only be substantiated by the quality of attention and commitment you bring into living out the answers to those 2 questions.
Let no one fool you, and more importantly, don't fool yourself. Building a business is not kiddies play. It is not an arm-chair, pain-free exercise that you could just snap your fingers and everything would simply align in your favour. There is real work involved. Lots of it! And is not like the demons will just fold their arms and allow you do the work. Nah!
So you must get serious, mehn!
Boston Consulting Group didn't get to that heights by playing around. Neither did they get there by just tasting the ocean of commitment and discipline with just the tip of their index finger. They bursted their a*s and got their fingers burnt, yet they kept going. They jumped into it!
Just like them, you got to brace up!
Stop baby-sitting yourself. Get out there and prove to us all that you are truly worthy of the value proposition that you claim you can offer. The good thing is that you are starting small. So having done small, it is time for you to now start growing big. And, hey, don't think you can do that with your sleeves still down.
You can't!

Copyright 2016 - Chinonso Ogbogu


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