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Top 3 Reasons Lunch Hour At Work Is so important

Lunch hour is one of the best periods you get each day at work. Some days, however,when you have too much to do, and not enough time, you find that you forget to take the time to enjoy a proper lunch break.  While skipping an afternoon meal may seem like a breeze, in the long run, you realize that it can cause such emotional symptoms as frustration, decreased patience, feeling emotionally drained and irritability.

No matter the kind of job you do, making sure you take that time-out offers benefits that can improve your productivity levels. For this reason,, Africa's No.1 online hotel booking portal offers top 3 reasons why you should give lunch time a second thought.

It Offers A Mental Break

No matter the kind of job you do, your brain is most certainly involved in the creative process.  All the tasks – both minor and major- you complete while working, gradually exhausts your cognitive capacity and depletes your psychological resources.
Taking a lunch break, takes your mind of work, even if it is for a little bit, prevents you from getting burnt out, and creates an opportunity for your brain to recuperate. The mental break helps you stay refreshed and gives you time to recharge.

Lunch Breaks Are The Best Time To Socialize  

All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy. While lunch break is not the best time to literally play around per say, it offers great opportunities to network with other people in your organization or industry. Socialize. Use this time to chat with clients, industry peers, co-workers, and supervisors and quiz them about anything work-related really. The benefits include staying in the know about happenings in the office, building strategic alliances and finding connectivity and common goals with others whom you spend your day.
Building interpersonal relationships are an important part of success within a workplace, and taking your lunch break can help you do just that.

You Can Catch Up On Your Exercise Routine

Depending on how long the lunch break is, it may be the best time to catch up on exercise. Most offices have gyms for staff and you can take advantage of that. Otherwise, you can just walk around the vicinity to stretch your legs.
Exercising has lots of benefits! Taking a few minutes to get the blood flowing is good for both your mental and physical health as it reduces stress, improves your mood as well as confidence and self-esteem, and it can make you feel better about your body.

Ndem Nkem
Travel/Tech Writer


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