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Blogging Training With Jenny Chisom: New Dates Announced

Hello Boss,

Yea, the Blogging Training was postponed till next weekend, firstly because I guess it was too short a time frame (5 days) for people to pay up and then today the FCT is on lock-down till evening because of the elections.

So registration for both the Freshers' class and Bloggers masterclass is on till Thursday, April 14th.

Some of you called, to say you'd be sending in your staff and associates, you can go ahead now.

This classes are running up to your making big bucks working your blog.
Let's leave the conventional Blogging and hit the roofs open!

Register by leaving a comment here and then pay with the details on this page too.

PS: I had a gadget malfunction from Thursday and was not available on our official phone +234(0)7089893159 yesterday. Did you try reaching me? I so apologise. Here is my Direct line, in case of such eventualities, you can go right ahead and dial this one +234 (0)80389934417.