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Abuja Digital Marketing Training with Olajide Bamidele and Jenny Chisom

Hello boss,
I woke up about an hour ago, so missed Church service too. Hahahah...I slept off as soon as my head hit my pillow last night coming from the Mastering Social media Marketing Training.

Olajide Bamidele of Sparkconect  was hands-on at the training bringing all the social media wow. was so mind blowing...I told him how I envied his slides because of the pictures and animations, it just made learning fun! I salute you Olajide.

Abuja literally stood still! *RollingMyEyes

Participants attended from Health organisations, Consulting firms, International marketing firms and CEOs also attended. It was such a masterclass as planned!

The blogging classes I took, exposed my long held secrets to succeeding as a blogger ...the celebrated factor and the whole psychology of selling your blog.

We had major support from The Leadership Centre, Adaeze Obi obasi and James of We are grateful.

We had lots of pictures and I'd be bringing them in another post. Meanwhile, wanted to gist you a bit, just before I catch some breakfast or is it is already brunchy?




Jide Bamidele said…
It was an awesome experience training alongside Jenny, I look forward to another edition of the master class this year.