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Business Process: Editing Services Experience at Logos Audibles in Nigeria

Hello boss,

I have been busy editing books for my clients at Logos Audibles but I am also always here.

There is a business model I adopted that is panning out great and it has to do with a focus on a particular target market - CEOs for all our services here and at Logos Audibles. I am loving the feedback and working hard to get my team on track too.

Sadly, we've been having low cash flow and so our graphic artistes are on standby and then our only illustrator got a project that is taking so much of his time. We had to outsource the illustration of a children's book we've been on since January and that meant paying more with loooots of delays.

It's been very challenging but in all, I and 2 other editors are working on some manuscripts currently.

Usually after reviewing a manuscript, we send price and then allow the client respond. When they pay a 70% deposit, we sign contracts and start out. Usually we have a turn around time in between which a client's review time is included. So this one will take us 15 working days.

We also administer contracts since we deal with Intellectual properties. Working at is fun and educative!

What is your business processes like? Care to share?