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Democracy - Reasons Why We Love Nigeria

A country populated with the most beautiful creatures on earth

A country filled with flowing milk and honey,

A country blessed with natural resources compared to others,

Nigeria… A country destined for greatness!

May 29th of every year is a memorable day for every Nigerian. A day when people of Nigeria are reminded of their voice in government policy. For us at Kaymu, we remind ourselves of how beautiful Nigeria and its citizens are.

Most Populous Country in Africa: Nigeria ranks the 1st most populated country in Africa and 7th most populated country in the world. With over 180 million people in Nigeria, over 250 ethnic groups, different languages and culture, it’s always an adventure here.

Resilient Nature: In trying times, Nigerians always stay positive and strong. It’s hard to see a Nigerian without a fascinating sense of humor. Amidst fear, challenges, frustration and difficulties, Nigerians always find a reason to smile and be happy. We love our resilient nature.

Business and investment opportunities: From experience we can say, Nigeria is the best place to start business. With a large market of consumers and right marketing strategy, you are guaranteed a high profit margin.

Nigerian foods: Jollof rice, eba and ewedu soup, akara (beans balls) and pap, ofensala soup, ikokore (wateryam), tuwo shinkafa are some of the mouthwatering foods we can’t resist. No doubt Nigerians have great cooking skills and we can confidently say we are blessed with some of the best foods in the world.

Intelligent, gifted and talented people: Did you know Nigeria is the first country in Africa to successfully build and launch a satellite in 2011? In every country in the world, in every walk of life, you will find Nigerians making an impact. From the likes of Bennet Omalu-the notable Nigerian forensic pathologist in California to Chimamanda Adichie-the notable Nigeria writer responsible for influencing Beyonce’s ‘flawless’ song on feminism to Tinie Tempah- famous Nigerian-British rapper and also John Dabiri- the notable Nigerian aerospace engineer in Ohio. Nigerians always stand out.

Entrepreneurial in Nature: Creativity, drive and strength are attributes you can’t take away from Nigerians. We create business opportunities out of nothing.

Tourism sites: Some of our best tourists’ center include National Museum Lagos and Edo City National Museum which features local artworks and artifacts, Nike art Gallery which features rich Nigerian arts as well, Obudu Cattle ranch in Cross River state, Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi state which features several natural warm water springs and the breathtaking Olumo rock In Abeokuta.

Do we need to say more on why we love our country Nigeria?

Happy Democracy Day!


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