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REPORT: He Named Me Malala: A Film Screening in Abuja by CSACEFA

I was invited to attend the National Film screening of "He named me Malala" aimed at advocating for free, safe and quality education for the girl child.

The films mirrors the mayhem and assault against girl children preventing them from attending school, such as acts of destroying over 400 schools. Some of the docu-film scenes are set in Jordan, Syria and brought to bear the dehumanization of deprivation with Malala's triumph.

This event is organised by Civil Society Action Coalition On Education For All (CSACEFA). It is a coalition of NGOs, FBOs and CBOs working in education issues in Nigeria. It was formed as a run-up to the World Education Summit in Dakar in April 2000.

Our eyes on this blog are on organisations speaking forth on such issues. It is a very innovative advocacy.

This films is a must-watch for CEOs working in education and for all of us as Corporate Social Responsibility reference