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Report: The Nigeria Rebirth Mandate

Have you heard about the Nigeria Rebirth Mandate and I got excited because it comes from an enterprise drive for Nigeria as a country. Read on, to hear what Isaac Balami, the founder, has to say about it.

The Nigeria Rebirth Project is an initiative of passionate and patriotic Nigerians from all walks of life (ethnics, cultures and religion) with a collective and dedicated aim to structure the deep yearnings of Nigerians into an ideological framework that will drive Nigerian homes, offices and institutions thereby becoming the bedrock of our economy and consequently reshape and re-define Nigerian image within the community of Nations.

This initiative was structured into 3 phases which spans 10 years of implementation that will translate into lifetime legacy for the Nation.

The first phase of the project started out on 22nd of June 2015 when ordinary Nigerians from different fields and professions heed to the Cabinet X Africa's call to contribute their quota in the making of the Super Nation of our collective dreams. These ordinary Nigerians mobilized 37 artists from 36 states and the FCT, wrote dozens of letters to corporate organizations and the related Government Ministries for partnership.

The partnership was granted by the Federal Ministry of Information and the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation which are currently merged into Federal Ministry of Information & Culture, National Gallery of Art, Abuja Parks & Recreation Authority, Nigerian Police Force, Nigeria Television Authority, Silver-bird Television, and Female Artists Association of Nigeria; on the corporate corner, Airtel Nigeria shared the Nigerian Dream by providing a 40 by 80 feet tent and Spectranet sponsored 500 T-shirts to promote the Nigerian Vision which motivated the commissioning of Nigeria Rebirth Project on 27th August 2016 at the Unity Fountain which saw the project team scrunching themselves financially and mentally to sustain the project for the 100 days of the painting without any funding from anywhere. The project team members donated their cars, Generators, fans, speakers, chairs, Cameras and food stuffs amidst rain, sun and trekking for a period of 100 days of the painting which was under direct supervision of National Gallery of Art.

During the 100 days of the painting at the Unity Fountain, Brekkete Family on 104.5 love FM mobilized different classes of Nigerians ranging from students, youth leaders, market women, business men, civil servants and physically challenged Nigerians who visited to thumbprint on the painting. And several students from schools across FCT Also embedded their thumb prints on the painting.

After the collective efforts of the project team and the doggedness of the artists for the 100 days; the BIGGEST UNITY ART PIECE was birthed as the face of the Nigerian Dream and a National orientation tool for diplomatic engagement.
Considering the nature, importance and the significance of the project, the project team deemed it fit to have this rebirth process incubated by a motherly womb which brought the present Mother of the Nation into the picture.

The project wrote to the office of the wife of the president, Mrs Aisha Muhammadu Buhari through Federal Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development and she offered her womb to incubate and deliver this Nigerian Dream which culminated to the unveiling of the Unity Art Piece at the banquet hall of presidential Villa Abuja Nigeria which brought the phase one of the project to an end.

The second phase of the project is lifting the Nigerian Dream from the portrait into the hearts of Nigerians and as the foundation of Nigerian Economy which has necessitated into certain deliberate release values such as Nigeria Rebirth Ambassadorial Network, Nigeria Dream Personality Honour, Face of Rebirth, G20-36 Global Tour amongst other strategic programs in phase two and three of the project.

Through Nigeria Rebirth Ambassadorial Network we have inducted over 400 children in FCT alone between the age of 3 to 15 years old during the unveiling and the induction will continue across the 36 states and Nigerian communities in diaspora regardless of their ethnic, religious or political affiliation. These children are at the moment not corrupted and in them will be instilled the right philosophy that will run this Nation 10 to 20 years from now. These children will be trained, nurtured and prepared for a period of 5 to 10 years depending on their age, to birth the Nigeria of our collective dream.
The face of Rebirth is projected to be the biggest online based unity contests which enable young Nigerian women contribute in Nation Building and Human Capital Development.

The Face of Rebirth Unity Contest is designed to tactically engage women in diverse sector of the economy to become a major player in the development of Nigeria.

Another tactical Nigeria Rebirth program is Nigeria Dream Personality (NDP) honour which identifies unknown but impactful young Nigerians from every nooks and crannies of the Nation to use them as role models to stimulate and inspire other Nigerians to start thinking of what they can do for Nigeria as well as to start their little contributions toward Nation Building and human capital development.

Nigeria Rebirth in partnership with Sahelian Centre for Leadership and Development which facilitates the G20-36 Global Tour which is one of the Nigeria Rebirth economic platforms geared towards partnering with the states to harmonize their areas of economic advantages to stir-up a process that will bring about multi-stakeholders dialogue, public-private partnerships and bilateral agreements that will lead to skill and technology transfers to the 36 states of Nigeria.

The phase three will commence on the 17th of January 2017 which is the implementation stage of NRP. These phase in optimism hopes to create several jobs across the 36 states and the FCT through Institutional Support Initiatives, Research and Economic Development Centres, companies that will be birthed through NRP Business Incubation Systems and other affiliate Programs.

The Management of Nigeria Rebirth Project under the leadership of Mr Isaac Balami is geared towards fostering a complete attitudinal change in the philosophies that run us as a people.

It is a known fact that only Nigerians have the potential to develop Nigeria. We as an organization have one core vision to create a Nigeria of our Dream.
For God and For Man.