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Oscar Ikenna Uchegbu, Student Blogger Blazing The Trail

So many bloggers exist in the world and also in Nigeria, millions of them but just a hand full take their works seriously and make a living from it.Here is one o such entrepreneur-blogger who is also a student at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria. Meet Oscar Ikenna Uchegbu:

JCB: Hello Oscar, Kindly introduce yourself to #JCB readers?
I'm Oscar, currently a student of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), a passionate Blogger and an Entrepreneur.
I own the Tech and School News Blog which gives latest updates on all School Related articles and scholarship, All Tech Related updates and Blogging tips.
I share information to individuals out there on my perspective Niche. I want to Inspire upcoming Bloggers and help all students around the world in anyway possible. 

JCB: Great! What motivated you to start a blog despite the challenges of combining it with school work?
I'd say it was my Motivation was my innermost love for writing and being heard. I've always wanted my voice to be heard and also I like to speak to what's on the mind of people thereby educating them. 

JCB: What has been your biggest achievement since started the blog?
My Biggest Achievement so far is the Award given to my blog as the third most popular social media platform in FUTO during the SMAT freshers' Night. 

JCB: What Do you Like about being a Nigerian blogger?
I love the fact that Nigeria is Blessed! What better place to make a name if not at home?

JCB: How do You combine studies and your business as a blogger?
My personally has changed over time. I merge business and lifestyle properly to create a balance. As a CEO and not just an ordinary student, I try as much as possible to behave maturely while keeping humble. 

JCB: Any challenges running your blog business?
Passion sustains my work and so I enjoy every second I work online. I do it anytime especially at my leisure after schoolwork.

JCB: How Can you be reached?
Prospective clients can reach me on and by sending an email to

JCB: What are your last word?
 I'd say, watch out for scholarship!

JCB: Awesome!

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Emmanuel Ekanem said…
Wow! I would love to be here too.
David Akinwale said…
Wow nice one bro... Love you

Good to hear this, hustle harder
Oscar Lee said…
Thanks Guys. Its an Honour to be Featured Here... I really Appreciate JCB
Henry said…
wow, the sky is your starting point.. just keep your head straight and stay humble