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WHU; Germany leading business school collaborate with Young CEO’s business forum’s 6TH Edition Global Summit holding in Dusseldorf Germany

Young CEO's business summit a prestigious Global business summit, that seeks to empower and redefine business collaborations between Africa and the rest of world,  heads to Germany for its second Europe Convention which previously was hosted in London in 2015.

The summit will be hosted in Dusseldorf Germany for the very first time and will enjoy partnership with Europe's leading business school 'WHU' which also doubles as the venue for this bravura event. taking into consideration the quality of partnerships this 6th edition enjoys; it is definitely set to be the prime and most rewarding Edition for eligible young entrepreneurs from Africa; lead by ADYFE ; African Diaspora Youth Forum and those of their counterpart from Germany and the rest of Europe.

The YCBS Dusseldorf-Germany 2016 aims to gather 250 cautiously selected  young entrepreneurs from Africa and Europe to discuss the THEME: Closing the entrepreneurship gab- the global impact on emerging markets  & Business Models shaping the international, Regional and Industry agendas in addition to the theme of the summit as scheduled.

The summit will not only have international business men and women converging to discuss the theme, but UNIDO and WHU business school veteran mentors will also feature as speakers and panelists.

Part of the session will be dedicated to Business collaboration between Africa's Start-up and that of their Counter parts in Europe as that is not only imperative but necessary to reduce the Global job deficit currently ravaging the world. Coordinated support for Start-up, funding for small businesses that are capable of enriching and creating many jobs will also be considered during the pitching session. 

In addition, the evening of the second day will be dedicated to raising funds for two deprived primary schools in the rural areas of Nigeria and Zambia which are in most deplorable conditions.

This black tie gala event will feature celebrities, Successful CEOs, Venture Capitalists, diplomats and mayors from Europe and Africa who are committed to using their wealth to support humanity and raise entrepreneurship to centre stage. All delegates are eligible to pitch at the event and shall be given equal opportunities to express themselves and showcase their skills provided they indicate their interest to pitch 30days to the event date.

Other features of the 2-days summit include;

Networking Session/Breakfast Meeting
Sector by sector specialized Business Strategy sessions
Key Note Presentations
Panel Discussions
Idea pitching session (SMEs Challenge contest)
Inspire: Expert Panel Q&A Sessions
Gala Night & CEO Global Awards &

For more information, Sponsorship, pitching and Registration kindly visit, email – or or call the number  +49178608697.  


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