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About Nigeria's Most Popular Online Volunteer-to-mentor platform, Generational Live Broadcast

Hello boss,
I've been a Resource Person with this platform and decided to take time to feature its impact. Liaising with the founder, Dan Akpan-Elias, I got to let you know that:

Generational Live Broadcast (Genlivecast) is a volunteer-to-mentor platform that connects resource persons and young achievers (called RPs) to those that may need their wealth of experience and expertise
online via twitter.

Competent RPs are selected for a 2 hour daily twit-lecture to transfer
knowledge to Teenagers, Undergraduates and aspiring entrepreneurs who

follow their tweets in a 1 hour monologue/45 minutes dialogue session using the hashtag #Genlivecast.

The impact of the series has been very impressive with young people in Nigeria and across Africa learning new skills, ideas and socio-business tips for free.

Both parties benefit from the series as RPs get exposure, a new audience and satisfaction of imparting lives, while participants develop new networks and competences from different resource persons each day.
Genlivecast also aims to build a Mentor's Club, Volunteers Network & Peer Associates in schools.

In August last year four Genlivecast RPs:

 Ada Osakwe (Agrolay/Nuli juice Ceo), Lade Tawak (Writer/blogger), Adenike Adedokun (Relationship coach) and Amaka Anioji (Nollywood star) were invited to a live radio chat on 99.3 Nigeriainfo FM with Zoe Chinaka. This was a prequel to an interview on Cool TV.
Genlivecast stories have appeared in The Nation and Thisday Newspapers, and also published in several online blogs/websites.

Over 64 RPs mostly from Nigeria, Ghana, kenya and South Africa have featured in Genlivecast sessions successfully. Notable ones include:

Dr Ada Igonoh - Public Health
Lelanie Basson (Namibia) - Top female Entrepreneur/Project Leader
Mutahi Murithi (kenya) - Social Media
Chika Unigwe - Award winning Author
Ajuka Rosemary - Cool Fm Broadcaster
Gbenro Adegbola - Media/Publisher
Omilola Oshikoya - Top wealth coach
Jenny Chisom - Blogger/Content Developer
Seun Onigbinde - BudgiT co-founder
Dr Laz Ude Eze - #SocialGood Ambassador/wazobia fm OAP
...and many others!

Genlivecast has successfully ran 6 (monthly) editions between July and March, excluding several topical tweetchats - the longest which lasted 2 days in November 2015!

Its online reach has exceeded 5 million with exposure to over 750,000 twitter handles in same period.
Genlivecast is arguably the biggest online mentorship series on Nigerian twitter, attracting reputable industry leaders and Forbes listed young achievers/YALI fellows to its platform.

TwitArticles are developed and featured in blogs - like an archive -
for people to reference from.
Live 'meet ups' and seminars are being planned and collaborations with University of Uyo is on to form Genlivecast forum which will be replicated nationwide. A newspaper column and radio slot will soon be launched.

Kindly visit @genlivecast on twitter, or the facebook group for richer details about the program.


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