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5 Freelance Skills In Demand

New companies, SME's and enterprises are acknowledging the fact that they can outmaneuver the talent crunch and find the particular skills they require, when they require them, by taking advantage of the unlimited system of freelancers available online.

In order to stay in demand in an increasingly competitive job market, as a freelancer, it is important to find the skills that keeps you valuable to your clients and employers. Web development, content marketing, future technologies experts(artificial intelligence,robotics) are some of the fastest growing skills freelancers can get acquainted with this 2016- according to Jumia market research team.

ASP Development: Organizations are looking for these sorts of web engineers who can alter, change or modify website pages utilizing the old school Active Server Pages since it runs parallel with HTML5. Also responding to questions on forums and accessing databases are other skills which will also be useful.

SEO/Content Writing: SEO content writer helps sites and brands get to be noticed to web search tools like Google or Bing by creating relevant and keyword optimized articles. SEO/ content writing can include blogpost, articles, lists, glossaries e.t.c

3D Design: With the use computers and other electronic drawing systems, a 3-D design interprets and develop a realistic figure of a desired object. With innovations like 3D printing turning out to be more universal, this skill is definitely one to acquire.

Social Media Marketing: Having a solid online presence is a must for every brand and organization, so they consistently search for skilled people who can initiate a vigorous online network/campaign.

AngularJS development: The demand for this skill is expected to keep rising  as this is the framework for dynamic web application. With this expertise you can extend HTML vocabulary so you can build portable and desktop web applications.


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