American Women Business Leaders That Nigerian Men Need To Learn From

How many women business leaders can you name? Probably just a handful, right? Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook is a natural. Perhaps someone like Meg Whitman. But anyone else?

If statistics and women’s drive and imagination have anything to do with it, that may soon change. That’s because more and more women everywhere are turning to their own businesses—or beginning to lead companies—and revolutionize the face of entrepreneurship.

In fact, millions of women-owned businesses are creating millions of jobs, today and into the future. They’re doing it in this country and across the globe, encouraged by the gradual dismantling of legal and societal barriers. And along the way they’re helping companies to realize that more women in leadership positions isn’t just smart, it’s smart business, leading to greater funding.

What’s a women-led business look like? This graphic illustrates some key facts as well as puts a spotlight on a few notable leaders of the day.

For me as a Nigerian, I cannot wait to see more Nigerian women surpass these records, so I am employing men to support their wives, sisters, nieces, in laws to aspire and not feel incapable. Secure men, understand that life is a partnership, in fact a real men is surrounded by successful women, making his life easy.

Check out the graphics that will blow your mind below.