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Conversation on Naira Land On Why Men Do Not Deserve Most Women; So They Rather Choose To Remain Single

 I was strolling around on the internet when I stumbled on this post on a discussion titled  EXPOSED: Reason For Increasing No Of Single Ladies In Nigeria & The Solution by joshrar 
and a particular thought line from a certain Nigerian caught my attention. This is what he had to say word for need proofreading it sef so as to guard against distortion. Lol
For the original post , click on the original title mentioned above.

"Since I've started reading Nairaland, from what I have been reading here about how Nigerian men percieve Nigerian women, the only question running through my mind is " WHy would a NIgerian woman want to marry such men?"
Seriously being a man is not about having a joystick. it takes more. Most men here talk more like animals who did not suck the breasts of their mother. like people who do not have mothers, sisters, or who would not have daughters in future.
I keep asking myself. Where do these people come from? Who trained men like these? WHy would a woman want to marry men like these?
NIgerian men, your mentality is why NIgerian women who are rich prefer to remain single.

They prefer to remain single. It was a conscious decision. They are not crying in their pillows, so save the sympathy for yourselves. you need it more. since you are both broke and single, and eagerly looking for rich working class women to take you out of your misery.

I am not saying that there are no women who sleep in church praying for husbands, there are miserable souls like that, but these days, most women are not so eager to marry the kind of men we have nowadays.

NIgerian men, you need to grow up. You need to search yourselves and find out first what it is to be a human being to your fellow human being. you need to understand what it means to love your neighbour as yourself.
Some men here, even argue that it is okay for a man to rape a woman simply because she drank his bottle of coke. 60m naira coke. And you wonder why NIgerian women prefer to remain single than be shackled with men like these?
Nigerian men, you need to sit down and understand what it is to be a man or a human being, before looking for single women to mock and blame for your sorrows in life.

 Thank you tensazangetsu: You took it right out of my mouth. These men on Nairaland, or Nigeria generally make it seem as if marriage is a good thing. WHo told you those girls are crying because they are not married? How are you sure they want to marry?
Previously women had no choice than to tolerate abusive marriages with men, because the men were richer, but now that women are richer, women are also reluctant to marry so early and just because, after all they watched their mothers and aunties suffer in the name of marriage. Those old men sleeping with young girls are they not married men?
Do they not have wives at home who weep every night because they so called husbands are with one small girl in one hotel instead of being by their sides.
Marriage is overrated. The earlier you Nairaland boys and Nigerian men get it into your head that the most important thing bothering a girl is not marriage, the less bitter your lives will be about single women. it is not that serious.

The men wailing that they cannot find jobs, have they never heard of something called entrepreneurship? Can't they try to start their own businesses, and struggle initially but grow later.
It is either the men are lazy or they are spoilt. They will not do anything except it is an an office with an AC or an official car, yet they come her to blame single women for their woes in life.
some of these men, when they see a girl hustling, who is doing her business, employing herself, they will say 'No, Na only working class babe, I wan marry.'
When the working class babe rejects them, they say 'women like money that is why they are single.'
You nko that is chasing only working class babe, don't you like money? Are you not a gold digger? SOme guys will even ask you where do you work before they ask you your name.
Oboy it is your high taste that is keeping you single, stop blaming the Rich single ladies. Cut your coat according to your clothe. Simple and short."

I just love the factual nature of this person's thought. His name on Naira Land is NoIgwegbe so I couldn't figure out if he is male or female. 

This is the reason I think there is a state of emergency on helping men, so we can salvage our next generation starting from ours. This is the true state of affairs, my Ogas.

*Toast to you*


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