MEN: Is Your Wife A Team Mate or Is Your Future Investment at Risk?

Written by Aramide Ramotalahi Kasumu 

I have male friends who would talk to me about relationships and marriage, and one of the things I always ask is, "God forbid something happens to you, can you trust her to take care of your family?".

Most Nigerian men like women that are dependent on them, but I say strong men are built by the woman they "team" up with - a good and smart woman would only help you become a better person .

You can run your business ideas by a spouse who you know has got your back, and both of you can make it happen.
If you look at more developed countries you'd see successful people who team up with their spouses to make it happen, like Mark Zuckerberg and Priscillia Chan, Jay Z and Beyonce, Bill and Melinda Gates, Michelle and Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and the list goes on. 

In Nigeria please can someone help me with names, and I don't want to hear Bola and Remi Tinubu biko..(Okay, maybe Fela and Tara Durotoye).

For all you Empire fans imagine Cookie had a shop in Balogun Market, how would she support Lucious?

Even the bible says in Ecclesiastes 4;9 Two are better than one,because they have good reward for their labor.For if they fail one would lift up his companion.

It is not just about 'hey my wife is doing something", you open a shop and say that's it, it is about being with a woman who compliments you. Both of you can sit down and share ideas. Both of you can brainstorm; she knows your weakness, you know hers, and both of you are a "TEAM".

 You can trust your Mrs to be your business partner. Even if both of you are on career paths, you can still trust your Mrs with your growth plan.
Why would your business partner (a stranger) come before your wife in decision making, well because in most cases men do not trust their wives' opinion because she is a wife, she is not expected to have an opinion, but to wash, clean, go to the shop and back, yet you say your business partner is trying to outsmart you.
Let your woman grow, she is the only one that can help you be a better person, or better still marry a smart woman, she would help you grow and secure your future.

PS: I think this post, captured my sentiments exactly. Nothing to add. Do let me have your feedback.

PS: Would You Marry a smart woman or prefer a wife who can't grasp your business and life goals so you can "feel like a man"?