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Low Self Esteem in Nigerian Men Caused By Women; Can Be Solved By ALL

Written by Seyi Otitoju (a blog reader)

ABOUT MEN.....My take on the issue. 
In reaction to this post from Monday, Seyi wrote in from Abuja...enjoy:

Wow! Jenny,I commend you for being forthright about an issue I'd like to call a problem society has created and is now experiencing a throw back effect.
But first, I'd like to celebrate Linda Ikeji and all the successful single women in their chosen careers who are positively impacting society.
The issue you have brought to fore seems to me to have begun when society sought development over values.
I think that as society developed it became glaring unwittingly that it takes more than brains and brawn to be accepted as a man. The material factor had to be in place too. 

I believe you can recall the movies that show the rich guy who gets all the ladies of the day but yet badly wants that one young woman who doesn't care one way or another about what he has?
I believe you also recall movies of the well to do young woman who is unaffected by all the main men but can't seem to get that not so rich but cultured young man who knows what he is about of her mind and does everything to get his attention?

My people say that your character is the real beauty you possess. 
The women folk haven't been particularly helpful in this area with society's perception about men either. Most men believe that if you want any woman make sure you are well padded up. Where did they get that idea from? The women provided it.

I think that what you are proposing is a renewal of the mental perceptions of both sexes about their roles and functions without which the solution will always be to look to greener pastures. A step that may not always turn out to be that much greener as Ariel (the little mermaid found out. The lesson being that in your pursuit of what you want, don't forget the things and people that truly matter). 
The truth about non-Nigerian men is that, if your heart as a lady is not in the hands of the One who holds the heart of the king or man you so earnestly desire, you may end up with a bitter taste in your mouth or with sand in your hands. That my sisters is the heart of the matter. To do otherwise will be to end where you never thought possible. Stories abound in this direction. Don't be the next casualty. Same goes for the men too.

As ladies, we need to come to a place where we no longer misrepresent ourselves to the extent that each lady decides - I won't let my behaviour rub off negatively on the next sister but will rather add value to her and who she is. Guess what? The glory comes back to you and to us all as women. 

Mary Kay Ash said, " The sun can't help but shine, the rain can't help but fall and the bee can't help but fly aerodynamically" (an impossibility by any stretch of its imagination or science, but that is not up for discussion here). The point is, if we as men and women chose to be what we were and are created to be we will attract the right people into our lives. (aka financial empowerment 101). It's a matter of our mental perceptions and our willingness to be who God created us to be without which we may never experience the true joys of relationship between the sexes the way He designed it.

What is true for the women is also true for the men. It's about time we pulled the brakes and asked ourselves exactly what we have been doing with ourselves and humanity over the years  so we can make the future better for those coming after us or they might ask us some questions we not want to answer.

Change your thinking, change your life and the man in the mirror is you or me. Be the best that you can be and be the change you want to see. Men and women alike can solve this problem by God's grace, one person at a time. 

Thank you Seyi! I can't even say it enough!


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