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Men Talk: Why Linda Ikeji and Other Successful Women Are Still Single; Your Fears

Hello boss,

Do you know that today is Linda's Ikeji's birthday. I've been celebrating her for days now even though I have never met her. I want to take a minute to celebrate a woman of humility, beauty, intelligence and hardwork and for putting Nigeria on the map because of blogging, and like me, she also turned 36 today.


When I wished her happy birthday on Instagram early this morning, I advised her to check out other interested non-Nigerian men for marriage and I truly mean it.

Nigerian men are not able to appreciate good women, they also want a woman who they feel they have 'every edge' over and in their minds, that's the way to gain respect as a man. This mindset have led many Nigerians to marry wrongly and have contributed to why there is a lot of heartbreaks, adultery and violence at home too.

If Nigerian men and maybe Africans generally can understand the value of a woman in their lives as 'helpers' and not feel insecure, non-competent, and lack courage, they will really stand up and be counted as real men.

A real man I believe must build his confidence and always look at women as the precious gender that needs to be appreciated and accept their help. A man does not become weak by accepting a woman's help especially your own wife. In fact real successful men most times, owe their success to the women in their lives. It's a divine order that can't be reversed.

I know you may be saying, I am "generalising", I did that intentionally but know that there are a few confident, hardworking and well bred men who have dropped the stereotypes and are in pursuit of their  life purpose.

This gospel is just to say that women like Linda (since she really desires to marry and have children) and many other amazing ladies I'm sure you know, have no business praying for an amazing man. Can't men see the great resource she will be to them? Not the men with Ulterior motive ooo...we know you exist plenty too.

So I'm posing this question, to you : Why do men "feel small or undeserving" before successful women in Nigeria? 

Now, this requires a frank response, if you can't answer, do stay away from this post please. No small thinking here.

*Toast To The Real men*

PS: Some guy is attacking me for advising Linda to consider non-Nigerian men who I think have more 'balls". hahahahahaaha

Mek I dey find trouble up and down....


Thank youjenny for this write, to comment on this I must start by saying that it is not all Nigerian men that don't like marrying a wealthy lady, because some Nigerian men are even looking for hardworking women to help them build their carrear, but one thing about some rich ladies is that they don't like been submissive to their husband or boyfriend if they are richer than him,also you might see a rich lady well endowed with every thing like cars and houses but that has none but still has a great future when you try to approach them for relationship, they will ask you to go and look for your class to that is it
ike ani said…
Hi Jenny,
I must really confess that your humor and advice here for Linda and the general error in thought by Nigerian men in the issues of marriage is really a straight edge truth.

Nigerian men feel insecure with successful women simply because they believe that she will take their place in the home in terms of decision making as naija men think money is everything in marriage.

I think I concur to Linda considering non-Nigeria men.

Jenny well done
'...Nigerian men are not able to appreciate good women, they also want a woman who they feel they have 'every edge' over and in their minds, that's the way to gain respect as a man...' Such sweeping generalization. Is marriage for everyone, even when desired?
Jenny said…
Thanks for responding. Please do suscribe to this blog under this post to follow the conversations. Do you know of any home where a woman is the breadwinner and yet no one knows?

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