Depressed? Contemplating Suicide? Remember...

You can overcome depression...suicide is not a way out dear!

Remember you were not there when God planned your conception, you did not even participate in choosing your parents or family, so you cannot take responsibility for your death.

Major reason is that you have a GOD, He crafted and made you and Loves you more than anybody else alive or dead.

He can fix you!

Talk to him, wipe your tears, confess His promises, look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

(Slap on some make up, if you are a lady). Your mood will improve.

Talk to a professional counsellor too. Your more beautiful days are just in front of you.

You cannot give up just when you are soooooooo close to a turn around.

Life circumstances does no define you!
You define life!

#YouAreLoved #GodGatYou

PS: I saw this picture design of Pastor Paul Adefarasin on Facebook and thought to share with you!

Heads up boo!

*Toast to you*