Exclusive: What Pastor GoodHeart Ekwueme Had To Say About His Resignation From House on the Rock - The Epistle

Yea, I am quickly reminded about the Epistles by the Apostles in the Bible and I am excited to share one from a modern day Christian with you.

In a 4-page letter, my Pastor, Goodheart Ekwueme explains in details why he had to resign from House on the Rock and the next step.

He thanks all members of House on the Rock and workers and leaders who made his work easier and also had a message to the body of Christ. He also exposes how working with his spiritual father in the Lord, Pastor Paul Adefarasin shaped him.

Let me not bore you with unnecessary 'crumbs' of gist when the 'buffet; is right here, straight from his desk. There is no need, simply click here to download the epistle from Pastor Goodheart to you.

It is a PDF file, so hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy receiving it from his desk and sharing with you.

So like he will usually make us do with hugs during some church services, I am happy to say 'this one is from my pastor, to you'.

Let's hear your comments after reading.

*Toast to you*


Unknown said…
Wow!!! Such an ever inspiring Man of God, I LOVE YOU PASTOR SIR. #ILovePastorGoodheart