SEX: Herbal Remedy To the Rescue for Couples' Increasing Sexual Dysfunction in Nigeria

On today's news from Guardian Newspaper, it was reported that men's rate of sexual dysfunction is on the increase. No, It is actually couple's.

I have been wondering if this recession and hard times is not a major contributor. Well, it was a professor of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Ilorin, Toyin Yakubu, that disclosed this yesterday and he recommended herbal remedy as the escape route  calling on  prompt government intervention to stem the tide.

He also listed benefits of having sex by 4am in the morning, I was amazed that it reduces heart attack, and other dangerous life style diseases. So couples actually save each other lives when they have regular sex and stay faithful?

I am wondering which herbs that the professor meant that would help. I am sure you also want to know. Could moringa leaves be inclusive? Do you know of herbal remedies to sexual dysfunction?

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