How Much Should You Tell Your Wife?

Speaker A:
It's not every matter that a real man discusses with his wife because women may not akways understand and it is better to handle things as a man. A man is supposed to take decisions and act like a leader he is, in order to retain his respect and control of his home.

Speaker B: 
No way! A wife is a help to a man, so the easier he is able to access her 'help' always, the better for his life and mental health and guarantees how long he lives sef. A wife should not be in the dark about issues that maybe family and friends know about a man. If that is the case, what is the essence of getting married at all.

Also when things go wrong, won't she be the chief sufferer? And then your own children too. Where did we learn this attitude from sef? What does Marriage mean to us?

Speaker A: Well, me I don talk my own finish...

Boss, which of these speakers echo your values? 
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