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I Am Wondering - Jenny Chisom

I've been wondering about Nigeria, the presidency, the Aso Villa, elections and why it always goes wrong, our religiousity and our future as a nation.

I am wondering...

Comparing my personal failings to my nation...I am wondering, if i become more disciplined and focused...would it affect my country for good?.

I am wondering...

Wondering how we can get Nigeria we can get Nigerians to think and do we can begin to applaud good and shun evil and mediocrity...

This is me wondering...

When we can respect others as people...when we will have dignity...and treat fellow compatriots with dignity....valuing human life, so much that we would hold their rights sacrosanct

I am wondering...

If we can see that being evil, has not paid off and turn over our beds whether in this room or #theOtherRoom to appreciate love, honesty, hardwork, good values, family, enterprise, fear of divinity, and all those lovely garnishings that do not cost much but pay way better....

I am wondering....

How I was able to write this in 2 minutes. Does it mean, I am now a poet or philosopher...?

I am wondering....

(c) Copyright Jenny Chisom


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