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Man Up: Live on Purpose

Happy Tuesday Boss,

The world is not going to get any better! Harsh as that may sound. It is true!

It is programmed to get harder and in Bible parlance darker so that "extraordinary men" will be noticed.

You know how the thickest darkness amplifies the light from a tiny match stick? That's the way we are to these times.

What is our role, you may ask?

Quite simple.

Find your life purpose - this PURPOSE thing is not a cliche ooo.

Realign every aspect of your life to key into doing that (your purpose dictates) and lead a happier life that guarantees fulfillment.

So your job, relationship, lifestyle, eating habit, friends et al may need to get an upgrade...because you are in the centre of your purpose.

Think about it again.
Happiness and fulfillment won't come because you have lots of money, or are married to a goddess, or you have 5 children, or your church or mosque was built by you, or that people like you...people have and do all that and yet are depressed.

I get a sense of fulfillment to know that my life cause is to help fix men in order to preserve women and children. My no-nos are lack of self actualisation, lack of productivity and negative value my purpose is to fix those.

Think again.

Think first by speaking to your own boss (God) about His will for your life, wait to hear him speak and His spirit direct you daily on what and what to do. Quit excuses, carry your family and loved ones along on the new you and get on to do IT.

Your life is getting an overhaul.
Who said life is hard, confusing, loveless and clueless, again?

*Toast to you*


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