Secret to Fathers Raising Great Daughters and Chimamanda Adichie's Beautiful Feminist Essay

I have always believed that most men are victims of a wrong society. A society that teaches girls to marry but never broach the discussion with the boys they are being raised to marry. As a hopeless romantic - I shed tears at PDAs, love romance movies and for even a great compliment -hahaha...I have always questioned why a man won't treat a lady right.

Then I began to understand that they don't know any better. If most men were raised and groomed for marriage like girls, Nigeria would have developed beyond where we are.

The Novelist, Chimamanda Adichie has been one of my earliest inspiration and when I stumbled on an essay of 15 suggestions on how to raise a great daughter she wrote, I totally fell in awe. 

Chimamanda really echoed most of my thoughts exactly. A blog I love published it and click here to get the whole scoop. I bet you can't miss it!

Boss, but before you click the link, let me let you in on a secret: - your daughter will learn better from you than from her mother. She watches what you do, not what you say. Just like the boys too, if you love their mother right, they stand better chances to live fulfilled lives and treat their future spouses like humans with dignity. You gotta believe me. Contribute to raising your daughter well, and together we hope someone is raising a boy right for her too.

Let's do this together.

Click Vagabomb for that beautiful essay.