Team Obiianuju’s Courtesy Visit to the Orphanage on International Girl Child week

A courtesy visit to the Niger State Government Orphanage was made on Saturday the 15th October, 2016 by Team Obiianuju, a privately driven social enterprise committed to restoring balance through the provision of the basic human needs to those who can’t afford it and life classes to those who barely can afford it. The visit was made the same week with the international girl child day and was carried out in honour of both female and male children.
The orphanage had a total number of 22 children, the oldest among them had stayed there for 20 years. The visit was also interactive as the children used the time to shared their story, their experiences, challenges, ambition and desires for live.

A tour around the orphanage was an eye opener as these various challenges were noted especially as regards: Security, the fence around the orphanage was fallen; lack of entertainment facilities for the growing childen; Inadequate medical attention especially for one of the 5-year-old called Isah who was born with a genetic disorder; light; water and limited educational resources.

Team Obiianuju was particularly moved by young Isah’s story who was left to die at birth by his parents because of his physical and mental defect, he was found on the streets by good Samaritans who brought him to the orphanage.

Further interaction with the children revealed that the older ones who had graduated where back to the orphanage without a job making it difficult to sustain themselves or build a future for themselves. The team put together a profile of activities to  be undertaken in solving some of these challenges of the home.

Team Obiianuju is an initiative of Obianuju Asika and created for all individuals but is run by women. Socially conscious content is created for digital media with the purpose of raising awareness, running campaigns, inspiring and igniting the hearts and minds of every individual to positively impact in the world.

A group photograph was taken with the children and the team also promised to come back in December to celebrate Christmas with them. The children faces were filled with priceless smiles and their hearts with hope as they waved the team goodbye.