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What Nigerian Men Must Know About Marriage - Chukwura Ashimedua

Hello Boss,
Thank God It's Friday! It has been a really busy week. I will bring you the gists. I was tagged by my friend Chinma Uzoukwu on this post written by Chukwura Ashimedua on what the role of men is in marriage! Very insightful...and you can trust me not to miss such!
I look out for all the extraordinary men in here. Read his thoughts and let's discuss in the comments. 
The very handsome, Chukwura Ashimedua
I've often heard, seen or read what women should do to keep their marriage/relationship, but seen very little materials addressing what men should do. A relationship isn't between a woman and herself, but between a woman and a man; hyper-focusing on women and neglecting men is not only hypocritical but also silly. Women shouldn't be shamed because they aspire to reach their full potentials; they've a right to feel fulfilled with their work; they've a right to make money without feeling shame. 

In lieu of these, I would like to give my own two-cents about what men should do.
1. A man should know what he wants out of life, he should have a clear cut vision with measurable targets. It's evil to be rambling about what you want, and now bring a woman and children into the mix. Simply put, have a vision you're working towards.

2. A man should realize that a marriage is between him and woman; not between him, his mother, his father, his brothers, his sisters and his wife. It's a sign of supreme weakness/folly for a man to allow his people dictate what happens in his home. He can meet them for advise, but they've no right to dictate the happenings in his home. If they were paying enough attention to their affairs, they shouldn't have the time to meddle in his affairs.

3. A man should never hold any woman in his eyes higher than his wife; this includes his mother, sisters, female best friends, and daughters. The other women are only special because other people are investing in them, please invest in your wife.

4. A man should learn to be responsible with his money, assets and time. Being a man is a responsibility, and the truth be told it's not easy.

5. A man should learn that a woman is a lot different from a woman. One of a man's biggest needs is respect, and one of a woman's greatest needs is attention. It often means more to a woman for you to listen to hear her heart than for you to offer a solution. It often means more for you to remember her birthday, anniversaries, children's birthdays etc than giving her a very expensive gift. It means more for you to be around spending time assisting her in little things like cooking and cleaning as often as you can.

I think I should stop here for today, do have a blessed day.


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