Why Do Men Have Unprotected Sex and Not Ask What Happens Afterwards? Join the #Menfor5050 Conversation

I was strolling on Facebook when I saw this posted by my friend Kolo Kenneth and couldn't help but share. I have seen men have sex without bothering about what the consequence may be, leaving the task to the women alone: another irresponsibility.
It is a campaign that we must learn from and join, headed by the PURPLE INITIATIVE

What he wrote exactly:

Here we go again... if a woman walks in to a pharmacy to buy condoms or postinor, she gets called a slut, prostitute, harlot, hoe, ashewo, etc. But, 60% of men in Nigeria have join bad gang. How can you love skin to skin sex but appropriate the responsibility of preventing pregnancy to only women?
I totally believe it is okay for men to understand that women have a 28 day menstrual cycle +/-5 days, with safe and unsafe periods.

I totally believe men and women alike should know the brands and how to use contraceptives, from condoms (male and female) to Postinor or the mastery of coitus interruptus a.k.a. Withdrawal Method.

Sex, and the results afterwards are not the responsibility of one person. As long as it is consenting.

So, if you're interested in learning more, join the #MenFor5050 conversation from the 2nd of November.