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MEN: Why I Am Leaving My Wife - Runcie Mike.

I have seen unbelievers with very strong marriages and believers with very funny marriages, I guess the unbelievers pray more, I then feel very bad for all the women that have been killed lately by domestic violence for not praying hard enough, at least they would have still been alive today, I guess we should teach our people how to pray more, of course prayers changes everything, but in my humble submission, please what should be done by obedience, should not be done by faith, let's teach our women how a woman should be treated, but not when we spend all our time from their childhood teaching them that they are the inferior ones to the men, in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither male nor female, we should stop using words like "wife material" on our ladies, the bible never referred to a woman as a material, cuz that's what we have reduced them to, rather she is far more precious than rubies, Let's also teach our men that Ephesians 5:21 says, submit yourself one to another.

Ephesians 5 says to the men to love their wife's even as Christ loved the church, in my little observation, Christ here being used as a standard for the man is the
highest responsibility that a man must accept, and marriage is not for boys, but for men, and if you are to look critically at that scripture, it seems all the love is expected to come from the man even as Christ loved the church, how did Christ love the church, the church was filthy, stubborn and unclean, for while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, not because we first loved Him, man is bankrupt of love and cannot love, so even after He loved us, He still brought His own love and put in our hearts Romans 5:5, the love of Christ is shed abroad in our hearts by the HolyGhost, so we can't even boast that we love him, but rather we thank Him for putting His love in our hearts to use and love Him back, we should teach our men that what Christ has been doing since after He ascended to heaven is interceding for the His bride(the church), and till now the Bible says He is still making intercessions for us, let our men know that the same way the love of Christ is changing us daily, that is how their love should be strong enough to cause change in their spouse, let them know that Christ has never held us down before and given us the beatings of the century, no matter how we push Him, cause I hear them say "she pushed me", do you have any idea how much we push Christ?

It was Adam that God spoke with, and Adam failed in communicating the word properly to the woman, look closely at what God told Adam in the garden, and look at what Eve knew about God's instructions when the serpent came, if the men don't preach it right like the way they received it from God, the serpent will preach it wrong to the woman, and note that the serpent never went to Adam cuz it knew that Adam heard directly from God and cannot forget what he heard the way he heard it right, in our marriages kindly note that the serpent will always go to the women and not to the men, Eve was in a state of perfection, but that was not enough to keep the serpent away from the woman, hence the men should communicate right from the beginning and spend the rest of their lives in the place of intercession for their spouse even as Christ who is the standard of the men is still interceding for His bride(the church), don't forget that the standard of the women is the church, now you can go ahead and tell me how perfect the church has been.

I teach all the men around me that their marriage is their responsibility, and am not left out, I accept responsibility over my marriage, I will teach my two sons exactly what I teach the men around me, they will grow up to understand that their standard is Christ, and there's nothing we do or don't do that will make Christ love us more or less than He already does.
To all my brothers, let Christ be your standard and see how the woman will respond to you, let her know that "even as Christ loved the church and gave His life for the church, that's what you have been condemned to do for the rest of your life as a man, let her know you have been called to love her, and I trust you know how a calling is treated.
The effect of this love will break the woman and lead to submission.

When loving is at your convenience then it's not love, but when you love even when it's not convenient for you, unconditionally.
For the men then I submit to you that if you are not ready to make this your solemn vow and commitment then don't take her to the altar, we don't want to loose more of our daughters to death caused by domestic violence or to loose our daughters to psychiatric homes cuz of depression that has led to them loosing their minds.

She is just a help-meet and a support, that's all, and she is an amplifier of whatsoever you give to her, give her seed, she carries it for nine months and gives you back a full human life, whatever you give to her amplifies, stop abusing her cause the baby was a girl and not a boy, is it not what you gave to her that she carried and gave back to you? 


N/B: never mind the title of my write-up, I knew it's the kind of heading that the world will love to see and rush to read, my reputation means nothing to me if I have to loose it a little over this kind of platform just for you to know the truth.

And to my wife, thanks for understanding and thanks for marrying me.

PS: I took this off facebook. Hope it makes some sense.


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