#You2Can: The Making of Jenny Chisom

I can gist for Africa ooo!
Kai! Talk of being an official story teller, that's me!
I went to tell my story of my Abuja hardship, my quiet stubbornness from childhood, at an event #You2Can today. I opened up on my journey and fears to entrepreneurship and how I being a badass editor, copy writer, blogger, blogger coach, motivational speaker, publisher and men empowerment advocate happened without my plans. After I failed at businesses, lost steam working 9-5 jobs, got demotivated always, got into depression but waking up every of those moments with the reminder that THERE IS A GOD OVER ALL.

If you know me well, you will know that I usually wake up without a plan oh and I like to work at my pace (call me laid back, do i care?) lol
But I thank God for not letting me ''hustle'' before I get things ''cos Him sabi say I no get capacity to hustle (na Baba God mek all of us the way we are nah)....'' but it dawned on me that special friends like you are the reason I have a story that is everyday sounding like a success.
Please keep the patronage and those ''dangerous referrals" coming.
This is just to celebrate you and encourage someone out there to never stop dreaming and also step out and execute the dreams in your head.
Life is best lived with Adrenalin pumping constantly because of big dreams, fears, uncertainties and trusting God.
Life is fun!
I may not be rich by the world's standards but I have you, and that, money cannot buy.
God arranges every phase of our lives, and I do not take you for granted.
Thank you!!

PS: I will bring you pictures from the #You2Can pictures and full gist soon.


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