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In the month of December, business leaders would come together from the nooks and crannies of the Federal Capital Territory to rewrite destiny.
These men will defy the downdraft and reshape the global economy. This is going to be a convergence of young minds that are ready to defy the odds and birth a brand new FUTURE.

These men are not overwhelmed in their hearts, they are like the valiant knights with broken swords who have made up their minds not to retreat, they are burning passionately to carve their names in stone amidst the heat.

Come this day. 
Heroes will be birthed! 
Unsung heroes will be given a platform for expression.
Evolutionary and revolutionary ideas would be given bodies that will bring them into reality. 
The heat would be too much as the NEXTCEOs would be birthed.

With Steve Harris,The millionaire housewife Temi Ashabi Ajibewa I, Blossom Nnodim, Doyin Adewola,  Lamide Johnson and Tunde Kelani.
They are set to disrupt the business clime in Abuja

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This epochal event will transform your life forever.