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Givers Club Nigeria - Living the Giving Lifestyle; Helping the Needy

On Saturday, November 19, 2016 I was one of the guest speakers at the Givers Club - a lifestyle giving club that caters for the needs of the needy in Abuja.

It was a time to learn and get recommitted to the course of looking out for other people and getting fulfillment from such life-giving responsibility as GIVING.
I spoke on the fact that Givers are world changers and revolutionists and other guest speakers were Ben Ubiri, and Olusanya Ayodeji Lanre

From the desk of the National Coordinator, of Givers Club Mr. Daniel Soetan was this:

It was an awesome time at Nest Suite and Spa, Wuse 2, venue of our last monthly physical meeting.
Major Highlights of the meeting
1. That Givers Club has made remarkable progress since the Charity Walk
a. Began and sustained monthly Physical Meeting which started in a garden under the sun and now in the Air-conditioned hall of an hotel. Which is going to continue to be the case by the grace of God. We shall not be having our meeting under the sun anymore.
b. Built our own website
c. Appoint Executive Officers 
d. Creation of the Care Givers Unit to ensure that all members are carried along and given sense of belonging.
2. TARGET FOR NEXT YEAR. Bear in mind that this is our last monthly physical meeting for the year as our Christmas Charity Outreach and End of the Year Party is 10th and 11th of December.

Target for next year are:
a. Establishment of state chapters in at least 6 states: Lagos, Rivers, Kano, Benue, Kaduna and Cross River.

b. Creation of Value and benefits for Members: Givers Club will continue in its stride of progress by securing partnership with Service Providers like Transportation, Supermarkets, Chain-stores, Hoteliers etc. So that Registered and Financial Members of the club can enjoy discounted services from our partners. The National Coordinator said securing partnership with these services providers will be easy given our growing number of membership. Since what these companies want is patronage. If we can pledge that all our members will patronize them they should agree to give us some reasonable discount on services. Registered and financial members can enjoy this benefits. According to him only registered and financial members paying their monthly dues and the rest will be opportune to take part in these benefits. He therefore encouraged members to register and start paying their dues. That we have commenced payment of dues since October this year, therefore all members must pay up to date before they are given rights to these benefits.

3. While commending selfless members who are always ready to be of services without being pushed, National Coordinator asked that all members should be willing to work for the progress of the club. That if members refuse to work for the Club then the Club will not work. Actualising it’s mandate will be difficult. He therefore, once again encouraged members to start by being proud of the Club they have come to join, given the remarkable progress we have made in the shortest possible time. They are encouraged to be a good ambassador of the Club and also a mouth piece to talk about the club to friends and colleagues beginning with sharing of posting from our facebook page at all time without being pushed to do so. 

4. Under AOB: 2 major things were discussed: The upcoming Christmas Charity Outreach and End of the Year Party for Givers!

a. For Christmas Charity we agreed to adopt the idea where members are grouped in their areas of resident to perform the outreach. That is, Members will within a particular locality or district are grouped, with a team leader they will identify where to visit within their locality and go there to minister to the needs of people in that area on that day. This idea will allow all members, wherever they are whether in Abuja, Lagos or Port Harcourt, be able to partake in the Christmas Charity Outreach. And send in pictures of their outing. It was agreed that however, they will have a single gift dumping location, where they will collate all gifts brought and later share to each district/group to go to their place of outing.

b. For End of the year party. Members were reminded of their party donation of N1,000.

The first Guest Speaker, Olusanya Ayodeji Lanre who represented Mr Jide Aribisala spoke on the topic: Little Seed, Changing the World. Later, Mr Ben Ubiri took the podium he spoke on: Giving to the Poor: Life of a Giver. Ms Jenny Chisom finally rounded off the day. Watch out for highlights from their lectures.


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