Money Does Not Define A Real Man - Conversations

So boss,

I had put up this post on Facebook earlier today:
Models-I in the picture with Dr. Mike Omotosho, one of Nigeria's best brains and resource - A real man in every sense

Dear Men,
No, you were not created just to pay bills. That would have been a low life full of no-sense.
Believe it or not, you are bigger and more powerful than that- just being a money-hunter.
Money does not define you.
Happy November fam!

I got two responses:

Speaker 1: (Godwin)

Money is the only constant that controls all other variables irrespective of the formula. It may not buy love but it strengthens men's power of negotiations and control of over women.. To a great extent, it defines and makes a man responsible to his responsibilities.


Speaker 2: (responding to speaker 1) (Kenny)

I will agree with Godwin if he had said that money in a way deceive men into believing it brings or give them control. Money pays our bills I agree, but I have come to realize, the most valuable things in life come,true love and children. Money gives you pressure, money helps you disconnect with the true value live brings, money brings out the monster in you.I have made money bro, the pain in have so much of it is the fact that you struggle with the real you and the man money made out of is good but not the most important thing in life.

I was so glad that some men (no matter how few) get a grasp on the real essence of life, like Kenny. My response to him showed my excitement.

I wrote:
 I hail boss! It only takes a man of wisdom like you to decode this my post. You nailed it on point! Money is good, everyone (not just men) need lots of it. But it has never made any man fulfilled. I have a dream to see most men leave the shackles of unrealistic' pursuit of shadows' and concentrate on real values - real happiness. That's how we can have healthier, loving and visionary men that can leave a legacy for the world. Women and children can only be led better by such men.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that if you think through, you would agree that you are slaving just to impress a certain woman or women and gain their respect. Is that why you were created? Who is trying to impress you? Why lose yourself living a copy? Be an authentic man.

After all you know some outright 'idiots' that have lots of money, does it make them heroes? 

Money is value, if you stand for something and sell it, you'd make money naturally. Do not let it define you.

Follow your happiness.

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