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Why Donald Trump won the US Election

I think Donald Trump won the American election because he won the hearts and minds of millions of Americans: the working class, the blue collar Americans. They were getting seriously worried about the future: China is having a lead in several sectors of the global economy, jobs were moving out of the country (because companies find cheap labor out of the USA) thereby increasing unemployment, taxes were crippling businesses and investors, and there were legitimate concerns about illegal immigrants in the country. 

Donald Trump has expressed interest in the presidency for over 8 years now but he had not been serious about it until last year when he declared his interest in this year's election. As always, the media didn't take him serious. It was hilarious to think about Donald Trump as president.

Hillary Clinton was the obvious choice, she had over 25 years of serious political experience and she has been instrumental in forming several international policies of the US. However, the working class was getting worried. 

Hillary Clinton was seen as corrupt by several people, and they wouldn't vote for her. The book Clinton Cash told a story about how the Bill Clinton foundation had exploited their political influence in favor of people who donated to their foundation (there was even something about Nigeria in the book, it had something to do with the founder of This Day newspaper). Also, the problems with her private email server couldn't be overlooked. It wasn't really the fact that she used a private server, that was a ‘mistake’ and we all understand. She lied about it, she couldn't explain herself and importantly, some of the leaked emails were contradictory to statements Hillary had made in the past. 

The media tried to downplay her issues, they couldn't discuss it in detail since they were biased, and they gave Americans the sense that there was something fishy about the whole story. When Americans felt they couldn't trust Hillary nor the media, they had to trust their guts.

The media lived in a world of fantasy, and so did millions of people around the world. In some cities, 'Who are you voting for' became a ridiculous question, it was Donald Trump, and there was no need to ask.

I think Americans voted objectively, putting personal bias aside. Some of his voters dislike his attitude and personality, but they believed in his policies.

There were undercurrents of apprehension, Donald Trump promised hope, Hillary didn't.

Oyekunle Elijah PlayMice
Programmer and Writer 

Skype: playmyce
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