Why Girls Get Married To Beasts

The rate at which domestic violence is rising in Africa is alarming. So many women are victims of domestic violence. While some endure daily brutality from their husbandit, some are not lucky to come out alive.

I remember the grand welcome I got from my neighbour and his wife in Niger state on my return from travel. I was still trying to open the door when my neighbours wife ran out naked from the house crying as she came behind me to defend her from her husbandit. I managed to settle the matter before I got into my house. *naked?
How bad can it get?
Most of these victims because of shame or fear prefer to keep this battle within themselves.
I have come to realise that this battles happens because some of our girls marry for the wrong reasons: -

1) Some girls are married to the wealth of a beast. The wealth is fine, but the owner is a monster. The couldn't see the monster because the found what they were searching for - riches. They fell in love with the wealth and the become blind. Like they say, love is blind.

2) Some marry for their family. This happens in most Nigerian home, especially the Igbos. Girls bow to the pressure from their parents to marry someone who they don't love or in some cases have never met in their lives. Some are not so lucky in this matching concept, that they end up with beasts.
3) Some girls marry for time. Here in Africa, when a girl crosses 30, she develops the mindset of "anybody is fine." she just wants to get married, the man she marries doesn't matter anymore.
4) Peer pressure, some girls marry because their friends are all getting married and they don't want to be left out. At this time, they set a particular month and year for their wedding and begin man hunting to meet their target. Their new response to "hello" is "when are you coming to see my parent."
With all this mistakes, marriage would never be happily ever after, it would rather be happily never after.
The perfect marriage should have an antecedent. Get married before your wedding through courting. Be convinced before you finally place the seal. Make your partner your best friend before you make him your husband. Your life ended the day you tied the knot with a beast.
Take your time to fall in love, if you marry the wrong person, you would be physically, psychologically and emotionally destabilized.