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6 Hotel Trends that will Change Customers Experience in 2017

The year 2017 promises to be full of positive surprises and improvements on the way we do things. We will witness unprecedented number of changes across all industries. The hospitality sector especially will experience rapid changes that will improve customers experience across the globe. Jumia Travel shares some of the new technologies being adopted by some hotels, and might become very popular in 2017.

 1.   Live Streaming to TV Device: Hotel guests will be able to stream directly from their phones, computers, tablet to the high-definition TVs in their rooms. This innovation provides guests the opportunity to work on these large screens or use them to watch content through various streaming channels.

 2.   Thermostat Technology: With your smartphone, you can actually adjust the temperature in your room even if you’re not in the hotel premises. This thermostat technology will definitely give some level of control to hotel guests to control their room temperature.

 3.   Texting Concierge: Just on your bathroom mirror, you can actually watch your favourite TV programme while taking a shower or enjoying a sauna or swimming pool session. Not just a TV but a high-definition TV on a bathroom mirror.

 4.   Keyless Entry: The days of getting locked out of your room or misplacing your keycard are over. Some hotels are already using this system. But more and more will switch in 2017. Entry system to a hotel room will have to be done via the hotel app which guests must download on their gadgets to use as a replacement for keycard.

 5.   Smart Lightning: For those planning special romantic getaways, smartphones can be used to regulate room lights remotely through the use of an app.

 6.   High Speed Internet: True, many hotels provide internet access to guests. But how fast or reliable is the internet provided? Not so fast, you would say right? However, in 2017 internet provided by hotels will be as fast as the internet that guests use in their own homes. One way to implement this is to offer broadband speed tiers for different prices.


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