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Jenny Chisom Blog Appreciates Her 2016 Partner Brands

We appreciate these brand who looked out for us in 2016 and for believing in us and our work, we want to say a big THANK YOU.

Voices 4 Change for standing up to ensure gender equitable behaviours in Nigeria. To Ministry of Petroleum resources, Logos Audibles (our parent company), Jevinik Restaurant Abuja, Project Know Thyself with Frankie Giva, N.O.W Concert with Phil Roberts, NEITI for ensuring transperency
in Nigeria's extractive industry, JIJI.Ng for making buying and selling suave, GOTNI for continually giving me wings to soar, Signature Restaurant for working with us and bloggers in Abuja, US Embassy Abuja for all the support, DPR for working with us to document policy briefs, Union Bank for that Elite upgrade, and PACFah for speaking up on Health care investment, IMS for honouring me professionally, House on the Rock for coaching me for life and ensuring excellence, British council for your love for arts and culture, Ipas for reproductive and sexual health investment in Nigeria, Project Empower poised to equip 3600 social media entrepreneurs, for working with us on your book project Mike Omotosho, for that #Nosidonlook impactful campaign BBC Media action and all bloggers in Nigeria for all you do in telling our national story.

I will bring my Special Personalities Mention post tomorrow as we end this phenomenal year.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH above all for reading and contributing making all these brands and more to believe in our brand.

A Toast to you boss!


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