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Kanye West's Nervous Breakdown: Lessons For Nigerian Men

As news broke about Kanye West's paranoia and nervous breakdown and as the story develops,  TMZ's recent report had a particular statement that caught my attention and that was ...

"People close to Kanye tell us he never effectively grieved over his mom's death and has always had a difficult time in November, but this time he reached the breaking point.

Kanye, we're told, has had trouble handling stress over the last few months, and in the week or so before the breakdown he started to unravel".

Now most men have been indoctrinated to believe that being a real man means not showing emotion and I have always maintained that men are first human emotional beings before they are male.

That orientation of not grieving, not showing emotion apart from anger but instead bottling up and resorting to mood killers or use of drugs and alcohol is killing our generation just like the previous.

I really pray for Kanye to get well fast and share lessons from his experiences; what he is really dealing with so that men, especially Nigerian men who are more at risk can begin to imbibe humane attitudes. For an average Nigerian man, nobody would even think they need medical attention when they have a nervous breakdown- at best even when they are sent to a hospital, they will receive pain killers, be put on sleeping drip and maybe treated for malaria or such like. Aint it? Not knowing they need mind therapy, counselling and mental health diagnosis...real fact!

So Nigerians must wise up!

Dear Men, you do not have to cry publicly, if that is such a big deal, but vent, cry, accept that you are normal and still a real man when you are vulnerable. Do get vulnerable with the woman you love especially, your health will be better off and you can live longer.

Believe me, we (women and children) cannot do without you guys being around for us much longer than the Life Expectancy index for men in Nigeria indicate.

Speedy recovery our Kanye!


Aijay said…
Well said Jenny! This may be an eye opener indeed.