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More Men Are Victims of Domestic Violence in Nigeria: Fact?

We really keep learning everyday.

I know that most men just live their entire lives trying to please a woman (women) or to get their respect...and that irks me because they end up not finding their life purpose s and slave themselves out.

But new research in Nigeria has further shown that most men suffer violence at home...but they had mastered the art of keeping mute as always, making it seem like women are more at risk.

But it looks like men are are willing to talk more now.

This was from the feedback my coach, Deji Irawo got from his MANVIEW radio programme: See how he wrote his findings:

Since November 25 this year,I have been involved in various fora to mark the 16 days of activism to end violence against women and girls.

But my many interactions have revealed a seething anger in males who have called in on radio,engaged me online and personal conversation on how the world seems to be turning a blind eye to violence against men.

As a men resource person,I have counseled many men who are victims of emotional, verbal,sexual,economic and psychological abuse perpetrated by women.
I can sense brewing tension on both sides and dare to say that if we are honest about eliminating violence against women, we must ensure that men are not given reasons to fill justified to retaliate.

When women are aggressors against males who have not been trained to handle such situations, we create a battle ground for violence.

His radio program airs in Lagos, Nigeria on (Manview) Wfm 91.7 by 1pm

#PainOfDevelopment #SayNoToViolenceAgainstMen