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What Happened At The Real Men Summit in Abuja

Hello Boss,

It finally Happened!

The Men Summit tagged Real Men, Real Issues, Extraordinary Results took place as scheduled in Abuja, Nigeria yesterday.
It was made possible by the IBI Centre, Discovery Mall in partnership with our members on the Facebook closed group League of Extraordinary Men 

Our UK based Moderator, Frankie Giva started the event with a background talk before calling up the delectable MC, Multimedia personality Mary Chinda and together they made the best Men Summit I have experienced to rock.

Speakers were Mr. Kenneth Ogbebor who spoke on the fact that a real man is not judged by what he owns or how much he can brag about but by the responsibility and leadership he takes on and provides. The concept of Manhood was established after which Dandison Okunbor, a serial entrepreneur and contractor spoke about Real Men Make Real Money. He raised the tempo by giving principles about money making stating that wealth is too in  a hurry to meet men than they think they are pursuing it. 

He emphasised the need to provide value, motivate your employees and see to their growth, strategise and learn to take opportunities, seek worthwhile business partnerships, also see opportunities anywhere you see something missing and make money as well as the need to have a Kingdom agenda for your business. For him, there are always kingdoms that businesses worship, let yours be for the Kingdom of God.

Ize Adava shared from her guys' guy experience and showed empathy for men especially the fact that society expects so much from men and does not give them chance to express how they feel with the ordeal and experiences from the pressure that the expectations bring them. She raved up the conversation showing men that it is their human responsibility to guard their space and take the liberty to seek help, ask questions, unlearn stereotypical mindsets that are counter-productive and more. Her session got men emotional and relaxed as only a woman has the power to elicit.

The panel discussion was the livewire where all the sparks went off at the event as every participant opened up on issues that concerned them personally. From the topic of Self-discovery which opened the session, Mr. Chris Chukwunyere gave the insight that a Men is only as relevant as he is aware of his existence and purpose in life. From boyhood, to Teenage hood to Manhood, a man must develop continuously and consciously. 

Oscar Ogedegbe spoke that Men must not see women as conquests and must not think he must dominate brashly  but must be a solution provider to be relevant. He gave an analogy that everyone is either a searcher or a searchee at every point in life, so must be aware of what they want in who they are searching for, by embodying the values they seek for complements.

Adanna Enwezor took up the talk emphasising that outside a Man being answerable to God (His maker) from beginning and having an intimate relationship with him, the man cannot function optimally and provide leadership for his followers. From the beginning...God (Gen 1:1) she emphasised deeply. 

Ifeanyi Ogbuefi of the IBI centre spoke on the issues of Men using drugs, killing with guns, selling arms, pimping and patronising prostitutes as vices common to them drawing attention to the fact that Men must break such addictions by asking for help. He showed the massive project Friends For Life'' which he organises to rehabilitate the vulnerable men. He offered to provides solution for such truama and life style challenges in a way that every participant loved.
Mr. Kenneth in his case employed that men must get to associate with people who are ahead of them so that they can become better especially when it comes to choosing a wife. He harped on the disillusion that creeps in on most men with low self esteem that make them marry women who they are most times better than, thereby joepardising their own future in most cases. He said a man in choosing a life partner must think of improving his 'gene pool' by marrying upwards. Using his own experience, he asked that men should not feel 'valueless' when a women does not accept their proposals at first but as real men must know their value and persist.

Questions from the audience came from marriage proposals, men being able to approach women with higher social status, the extended family ideology vs the Nuclear family interference, coping with expectations, knowing who to choose as life partner amongst others.

The event ended on a high tone and is due for 4 episodes in 2017.

Thank you for making it happen! Your support is appreciated.

PS: Pictures are coming next.