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Mike Omotosho, Rotary Club Governor and CEO Extraordinaire Receives The Bloggers Party Plaque As Proud Sponsor

Hello Boss,
This was how we said "Thank you" to one of our Bloggers Party Sponsors Dr. Mike Omotosho and indeed all of our sponsors Soulmedia Communications, Buski Liberating, Dream Weavers Events too.

Indian Youngest CEOs: Sharvan and Sanjay Kumaran Challenge Nigerian Teens

Barbara Berlusconi, CEO at AC Milan

Meet Barbara Berlusconi, the 31-year old CEO of AC Milan, and daughter to Silvio Berlusconi.

The Eagle In A Storm: Imagining New Wealth Creation Models

The talk with my Japanese friend had left me thinking deeply about how we in Africa think about wealth. Maybe, just maybe, there was another way to think about it?
Imagine if my teachers had taught me that we are "very rich" because we produce some of the smartest entrepreneurs in Africa… people with the know-how and vision to transform our minerals into such great innovations and products that we no longer export our raw materials all over the world!

3 Ways Nigerians Can Use Snapchat For Building Brand And Business Marketing

Nigeria is still in the process of embracing Snapchat. With over 100 million active users and 400 million snaps per day, the social media platform is one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world, and even though it caters mainly to a younger demographic(18-34 yrs), it is becoming an essential part of global marketing strategies.

Economic Uncertainty Looms As CBN Predicts Tough Times

With the International Monetary Fund throwing its weight behind the Central Bank of Nigeria's plan to shift policies supporting foreign exchange restrictions and devaluation, stakeholders raise alarm over the nation's economic outlook.
The Monetary Policy Committee of the CBN spread panic on Tuesday when it released a communique hinting at long periods of harsh economic downturn following low receipts from oil revenue.


Self-employment once considered vaguely disreputable, a term frequently mumbled under one's breathe and struggled to explain to friends and family has become the largest growing sector in the Nigerian workforce.
It has come a long way from the concept of working in pajamas at home to securing small, mid-size or large offices in shared spaces like Venia Business Hub.

5 Golden Rules of Business Travel For Nigerians

Business travel – both domestic and international – is an essential part of the economy. Aside from the fact that it contributes to the GDP of any country, it opens doors of opportunities of businesspersons. In most companies however, many view business travel as simply an expense and do not see the benefits that come from it. Therefore they set aside little budget for it, making the trip in itself extremely tedious for the employee who gets the assignment to embark on the journey.


STAFF: So Boss how did your meeting with our POTENTIAL SUPPLIER GO?
BOSS: It went really well the guy was very prepared, properly dressed and courteous.
I am sure you will like to leave that kind of impression on your customers, bosses, and people in general. Here are my 10 TIPS TO LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION.
1. PREPARATION: Prepare for the meeting, google the company or person up and read up about their successes and goals.


If your child tells you that he wants to become an entrepreneur, you better cry and pray for him.
I mean it oooh! It takes a lot to be a real practising entrepreneur. It takes even much more to start and grow a business that matters.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Celebrates: An Excellent Mentor

It's a new year for my Pastor and Father in the Lord, Paul Adefarasin.
This man, right here has raised through God's grace, millions of entrepreneurs and great minds across the world. As he celebrates today, may God bless him and engrace him more.