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Making Money Vs Valuing People -Ibe

As far as I am concerned, relationships are more valuable than money. This is a hard truth I have come to realize.
People who run after money in ways unimaginable, without having a little bit of thought about how the next man feels will one day discover that he or she is alone.
Make sure people are excited to work with you, in spite of how much or less they pay you. This is because you won't remain at a level for ever. You will have to go further in life, and these people may be a stepping stone for you.
The more money you acquire-the more quality relationships you should keep. I use the word "Quality" because some relationships are one big torment.
Great relationships can help extend the stay of money in your pocket.

Onyebuchi D. Ibe,Theatre Artist, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Comedian, Media geek.

Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds Launches Dating and Match-Making Club in Abuja Ahead of Valentine

Abuja is one tough city for the average well-behaved single lady or guy seeking genuine love and longing to settle down in marriage!

The "toughness" comes by the fact that:
1. People lead fake lives
2. Many people seem to be players
3. Opportunities for singles to mingle are restricted to churches and such places.

DBanj Endorses The Vocational Skills Competition by Bank of Industry and National Board for Technical Education

Laundry Advert: What Do You Think?

What do you think about this?
Will it work?
Can you adopt the strategy?

SPOTLIGHT: Shirley Hills

Ifie Sekibo, CEO/MD Heritage Bank and Linus Okorie, President GOTNI To Speak at The Power Networking Conference USA in May

Can you spot them out? They are speaking alongside Les brown, George Fraser (Convener), Hilary Clinton, amongst other powerful black people including USA's president Barack Obama.
Nigerian CEOs have broken all the known ceilings. Go, fly too. Read about the conference on and  plan to attend.

Business Performance Workshop Set to Hold in Owerri


Yes, we also throw Spaghetti, let's not play down on this.
When it comes to building a successful business, there is also that scared part of throwing spaghetti.
Is not like we entrepreneurs started out knowing exactly all we would do from alpha to omega.
Of course not.
Instead, in reality we keep throwing blows, refining our hypothesis, changing our underlying assumptions, sweaking things here and there until we find the right combination that unlocks our idea or process to real success.
That's why we entrepreneurs don't get so attached to a single means or process, so it's normal for us to try something, adjust or drop it, and try another one.
That's our life.
We shoot, we review, we re-adjust, we improve, and we shoot again.
Like other entrepreneurs, I have tried so many things in my journey of building my business.
Many of them didn't work, some did.
But in the process, I have upgraded my mental architecture, learnt what makes the difference, and I have a…

Dayo Benjamins Laniyi, CEO Doxa Digitals and Conferencing Inspires Women in Her debut #DBLcelebrations event "YooHoo 2016" in Abuja

Saturday, Feb 6 was the first edition of #DBLcelebrations, a series of events to mark the 50th birthday of Mrs Dayo Benjamins Laniyi, CEO Doxa Digitals and Conferencing Abuja. The theme was YOOHOO 2016 "Catch the smiley", centred around inspiring the Happy part of women, as they connect with their inner entrepreneurial and impact-making sides.

The guest speakers who shared their stories were Mrs Ijeoma Ndukwe of Bubez Foods Ltd known for their 12 variant pap meal, and Mrs Ayo Mebipo the CEO of No LeftOvers Nigeria Ltd known for a moin moin business that is reckoned with even in the United states.
It was an evening of women inspired music, talks, gifts and give-aways as well as interaction that left participants healed, inspired and set for a brand new pursuit of purpose. DBL inspired women indeed! Enjoy some photos from the event.

Diamond Bank Launches One-Stop ATM

Have you heard about Diamond Bank's New One stop ATM? They have this to say: 
Our ATMs have evolved to offer more than just cash withdrawals. You can now perform a wide range of banking transactions conveniently at any Diamond ATM including: Diamond Magic Transfer - Send money to non-bank account holders. Beneficiaries can simply collect funds at the ATM.
Diamond Account Transfer - Transfer funds to any Diamond account (Own and Third Party).

Transfer to Maintained Beneficiary - Transfer funds to any beneficiaries you already have maintained on Diamond Online.

Bills Payment - Top up your airtime and make bills payments for various services such as Cable TV (DSTV, GoTV etc.), utility bills etc.
Visit today for more information on how you can access these services. For enquiries, please call our 24hour Contact Centre on 0700 300 0000, send an SMS to 30811 or send an e-mail to


As part of its efforts to ensure that more Nigerians get easy access to basic needs such as Used and Brand New Vehicles, Award-Winning Rosabon Financial Services has once again launched its annual "Lease With Ease Promo" in partnership with Carmudi, Nigeria's leading Online Vehicle Retailer and one stop shop for all brand of cars. Starting from Monday, February 8, 2016 to Monday, February 29, customers who apply for Consumer Leases of up N1 Million and above from the non-banking Financial Institution, stands a chance to win amazing prizes.

Evans Elemi Alobo, CEO of Paragon Lens: From Street Photo Hustler To An Event Delight

I met this Abuja based photographer, Evans Elemi Alobo, CEO of Paragon Lens on Jan 12 at the #ImpactAbuja Summit, and I loved his work. I had to decide to know more aboutthis 27 years old CEO and his craft, and then found out how he walked the streets, endured the harsh weather just to snap pictures but today have become a sought-after photographer. Below is the extract of our chat:

JCB: Can You introduce yourself please? Evans Elemi Alobo, is my name. Many people call me Paragon, the man behind the camera. I am originally from Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State in Nigeria and the first born of five children. I currently live in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

The First Ever Photography Tour; Owerri Photowalk by CEO, Chibuike Alagboso

On the 13th of February, 2016, something new and exciting will happen in Owerri (in select areas though) by one of Social Good's Pop Up incubator finalistsChibuike Alagboso It is the first ever Photowalk to be organized in Owerri, and possibly in the south-east.
The big question that has been on the lips of people since the topic has been broached is this: “what is a photowalk and of what benefit is it?” Well it’s not been easy to answer or explain especially to people whose idea of photography is just to take a picture and post on their social media profiles.

Jovago, AIG Gets $84 Million Investment In New Funding Round, Africa N° 1 hotel booking website, and AXA, a worldwide leader in Insurance and Asset management announced today a partnership to develop the expansion of Jovago in a new round of funding aimed at boosting its activities in Africa. This would further ensure the expansion of the business and strengthen the brand in major cities across Africa and Asia. AXA as a major investor confirms Jovago's strategy to expand its operations and local presence in Africa in order to meet the needs of domestic and international travelers. The world class player, will invest £75 million and own approximately 8 percent share capital of AIG, mother company of Jovago. As a result, AXA will thus become a shareholder of AIG along with MTN, Rocket Internet and Millicom.