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High or Low Carbon: Nigeria's Path to Stable Power - Joachim Macebong

Something significant happened in Germany’s electricity sector on Sunday, May 8, 2016. Consumers had to be paid to use electricity. Power prices were negative for several hours on that day, because their renewable energy was producing 55GW of the 63GW being consumed in the country at that time, in addition to other sources.

It was just the latest milestone in Germany’s shift to renewables, and the country aims to be 100% renewable energy dependent by 2050. It’s not just the Germans, either. On July 9, 2015, Denmark’s wind turbines supplied energy in excess of local demand, causing the surplus to be exported to neighbouring countries. Right now, their wind turbines generate more than half of the electricity consumed by the country.
In South Africa, 47 renewable energy power projects will come online by July, bringing 7,000 MW into the power grid, with plans to bring it up to 17,800 MW by 2030.

Oscar Ikenna Uchegbu, Student Blogger Blazing The Trail

So many bloggers exist in the world and also in Nigeria, millions of them but just a hand full take their works seriously and make a living from it.Here is one o such entrepreneur-blogger who is also a student at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria. Meet Oscar Ikenna Uchegbu:

JCB: Hello Oscar, Kindly introduce yourself to #JCB readers? I'm Oscar, currently a student of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), a passionate Blogger and an Entrepreneur. I own the Tech and School News Blog which gives latest updates on all School Related articles and scholarship, All Tech Related updates and Blogging tips. I share information to individuals out there on my perspective Niche. I want to Inspire upcoming Bloggers and help all students around the world in anyway possible. 
JCB: Great! What motivated you to start a blog despite the challenges of combining it with school work? I'd say it was my Motivation was my innermost love fo…

VALKIZ To Release The Presence Album

#The Presence
#Counting down

present #VALKIZ The presence Album launch/Presentation. Featuring Asu Ekiye Samsong Worldmusic, Chris Morgan, Kingsley Ike , Fada sheyin  Steve Crown, Dr Phill Philip Ransom Bello Mo Madmo Paul Opera Oprah David Princess Chinahum Evurulobi Austin Sax, Oluwaseun Elijah Sax,  De Sax Preacher, DeeWyne Yerimah Prosper Whyte Okorocha Prospa Ochimana Ify Benson, Steve Williz Evans David Ighodalo, Neufe Coza, Faith Yebo, Audacity, The Master piece, Franklyn George,  Micheal Greatme, min Simple Roland Ricketts Min Adeniran Abiodun, Bishops Crew and Many more.......  Mc- Crisnowtv Crisnow
Date July-3rd

Blogging Master Class on Mobile

Are you a Blogger or just a hobbyist?
- Have you been wondering where ALL the money being noised about online is going to?
- Have you been struggling to nail appreciable income from your blogging activities?
- Have you been confused about turning your works to wealth?

Do you want to know
- how to get traffic to your blog.
- how to transform blog traffic to treasure.
- how to draw continuous and ever-increasing income from your blog activities.

I get asked often, “Can you really make money blogging?” and the answer I always give is “YES!”.
Anyone can make money blogging, you just need to approach it in the right way.

Buy With Chinese Currency, Start At Kaymu Marketplace

With the recent inclusion of the Chinese currency Renminbi (RMB), also known as Yuan, in the foreign exchange reserves of Nigeria, trades between Nigeria and China can now be concluded without using the ‘dollar’ currency. At  an exchange rate of N30 to 1 RMB, purchasing goods such as textiles, plastics and ceramics from China is cheaper as opposed to N200 to $1 from the United States of America.

The question on the minds of most people right now probably is, ‘how do I import from China?’. With the advent of technology, the world is now a global village and it has become very easy to carry out transactions over the internet. There are several Chinese websites like where you can shop and have items delivered to you in Nigeria, duty-free.
However, it is important to understand consumers’ demands and buying trends before delving into the importation business.