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Feeling Unmotivated? This Should Help You

When most people just start a job, they are energetic and eager to work; meeting deadlines on time and being ready for more responsibility. However, as time goes on, they begin to lose the drive and motivation, and they start to become indifferent to deadlines, goals and gaining more responsibility in the organization. This usually happens when a person has become too used to what he/she is doing and doesn’t feel the need to push more than necessary. Having this kind of ‘I-don't-care’ attitude to your work is not a good thing, as it can negatively affect the way your co-workers and even your boss see you. You might be passed up for promotion when they ask for recommendations on who deserves one. It is important that even if you have been performing the same role for a long time, you reinvent the way you handle your tasks, and challenge yourself to go above and beyond your personal limits. These are some ways to keep you motivated and productive at work.

·       -   Set deadlines fo…

The Total Market Abuja Presents Food, Shopping and Fun

TTM- short for The Total Market is a  monthly outdoor shopping event that takes place every first week of the month(Mon-Sat).Next date:1st-6th, August, 2016.
Venue: recreational park by galadima gate, near Charlyboy's house, Gwarinpa II, Abuja.Time: 9am-7pm daily.

Roni Alao Leads MRL Public Sector Consultant Ltd for The Project, Transformation of Education In Niger State (TENs)

Dr. Roni Alao is the Executive Director, co-founder of MRL Public Sector Consultant Limited and I discovered here as I read this release on Landabuzz. It had this to unveil in connection to this woman's organisation in partnership with others towards solving educational challenges in Niger State, Nigeria. The press release read in part that: After months of research, site visits, discussions with teachers and other stakeholders to highlight the problems of the educational system at the primary and secondary school level; the Transformation of Education in Niger state (TENS) programme would proceed to its next point of action. “One of the key things to Understanding problems is to Understand it from the Users of the system and those who work within the system; so the idea of the stakeholders programme is to have one hundred participants from the different sectors of the educational system In Niger state so as to really understand the issues they are facing within the system”, Dr Ron…

Career and Business Coaching Session with Jenny CHISOM This Wednesday

Our Career and Business session is this Wednesday by 7pm -9pm.
If you are in search of a job especially for more than 2 years now, confused about how to achieve your career goals or want to start a business, I invite you.It will be fun because we all can meet ourselves closely. It will hold on WHATSAPP! The group ceases to exist 24 hours after the session.If you also want to share with us, employ someone or invest in any one's business, you can also join us.Simply send 'ADD ME' to +2347089893159 so we can add you. This offer have been extended here from my Facebook friends.