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Why Charles Novia Has Been Away From Nollywood

The CEO of November Productions, Charles Novia had an exclusive interview online with a 17 year old publisher explaining why after producing over 40 movies, soaps, and starting Teens Africa TV, he has more coming. Enjoy the excerpts:
Reporter: We seem not to be getting new movies much these days from Charles Novia Think stables as we used to before. What's going on? 
Novia: In almost two decades, I have produced and directed over 40 movies and numerous television series and programmes. I'm still in my forties and turn mid-forty this year. The reality about Nollywood for the pioneering school is that there is a passion, a panache and a pragmatism which comes with that generation. We saw it all then and are still seeing it all now. Or rather, speaking for myself, I think I'm not out of the game but I'm more restless and creatively roving at this point in my life. 
A decade ago, I woke up one day, at the height of my fame, success and traction as it were, after having produc…

Jenny Chisom's New Look

My new look, (yea I finally did the big chop) at #JustHairSalon, then rocked it first at the Social media Hangout this evening! Meanwhile, I'm so full from eating at #Jevinik
100% naturalista, eating 100% organic meals too. My rebrand story!

Bugged for Life by Technology

Who send Facebook to start this 'See who's nearby' added to our 'locators' sef?
While in Festac Lagos, 2 days ago...some guy chatted me 'Hello Jenny, where in Lagos are you?' Since I don't know him and I'm used to Lagos residents always assuming that every other Nigerian (especially if you are a fine girl and write sense on Facebook) lives in Lagos, I quickly typed "I live in Abuja" Then he goes "My radar indicates that you are in Lagos"...I bursted into Laughter in my aloneness...and thought "Technology has turned us to Secret service officers without pay. Mtschewww Meanwhile some men and women who cheat on their spouses and some dubious business dealers maybe overlooking these features and keep on  'lying up and down'...destroying themselves by themselves. Lol
God is watching
... and now technology has borrowed some God-attitude and has also started watching too. 
You have been bugged for life! Get it! 

Incubators Abuja Debut

I didn't want to forget this....I have slots for 5 smart business owners in Abuja who will want to get business advice from other smart entrepreneurs and get smart business strategies on Sunday evening.It will be an intensive exclusive session by #IncubatorsPro at as the kick off the project in Abuja.If you will want to attend. Kindly drop a comment with your email address and I'd reach you.*Abuja State of Mind*Thank you Lagos....I had fun!Bye #GoldenTulipHotel #WelldoneArikAir

Why African CEOs Should Watch Kunle Afolayan's "The CEO"

One of the reasons why I went to the Silverbird Cinema to watch the highly acclaimed movie , The CEO produced by a highly creative and respected movie maker (in fact the best), Kunle Afolayan last night, was because of curiosity and then to get thoroughly educated.  His movies just schools one.

I love movies! Especially quality African stories and so i'm always the bout of laughter sometimes whenever we are game for a group cinema outing when it comes to choosing a common movie to watch.

New Safe TV: Finally! X2D TV (Channel 484) To Launch On CONSAT, September 2, 2016

De Kings Vision Limited, owners of the widely syndicated X2D TV show, gladly announce the launch of the 24 hour X2D TV channel 484, Africa's most anticipated gospel inspired safe entertainment and lifestyle channel, scheduled to go live on Friday, September 2, 2016 on the CONSAT decoder (Channel 484), one of Nigeria's leading pay TV platforms.
Xclusive to Divinity (X2D) as its commonly tagged has over the past 8 years evolved into Africa's leading gospel TV brand haven aired on over 60 terrestrial and satellite TV stations globally while winning numerous best gospel music TV programme awards along the way.

According to her Chief Responsibility Officer Deji Irawo, The X2D channel is intentionally crafted to provide wholesome and clean family entertainment devoid

About Nigeria's Most Popular Online Volunteer-to-mentor platform, Generational Live Broadcast

Hello boss, I've been a Resource Person with this platform and decided to take time to feature its impact. Liaising with the founder, Dan Akpan-Elias, I got to let you know that:
Generational Live Broadcast (Genlivecast) is a volunteer-to-mentor platform that connects resource persons and young achievers (called RPs) to those that may need their wealth of experience and expertise
online via twitter.
Competent RPs are selected for a 2 hour daily twit-lecture to transfer
knowledge to Teenagers, Undergraduates and aspiring entrepreneurs who

Voices For Change: Evidence Mining Workshop To Be Journaled by Jenny Chisom

Hello boss, I was selected to participate in the Evidence Mining workshop  organised by Voices for Change, a DFID sponsored program. I have been an ambassador of this project for 2 years because I love the fact that it focuses on helping men in order to stop gender violence. 
Check out and download the 'Being a Man in Nigeria' report on this blog and read what it is about. 
You will love it!
I will bring you more updates everyday till Thursday but now I'm still gushing about the class and feel of the Golden Tulip Hotel Brand in Lagos where I am lodged. I don't know why the hotel is not in Abuja...I would find out. Lol
Above is a picture of my 'thinking spot' for the period I'd be here.
I've met some wonderful media gurus already from our Arikair flight from Abuja. So this should be fun!✌✌

This ain't no CEO post, I know. But I'm thinking, should I tell more stories along side enterprise gists? Let me know.
*A Toast to you!