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Brighter Future For Nigeria, The Talk Show Debuts the Nigeria Rise Concert with Phil Roberts and Franklyn Adjetey

Today has been phenomenal and I am blessed to be partnering with the 'Nigeria Rise Concert' crew. 
Earlier today, the convener, Amb.Phil Roberts and his international partner Franklin Adjetey paid a visit to the Commissioner of Police Abuja Mr. ‎Mohammed A. Mustapha CP JGS in his Office. It was a familiarisation visit to finalise plans for partnership with the Nigeria Police towards hosting Abuja's Biggest Independence Concert The "NIGERIA RISE CONCERT" with Abuja Entertainment Practitioners, celebrities from outside Nigeria, NIGERIA HOCKEY FEDERATION, National Orientation Agency, The Senate President's Office, Nigeria Youth Parliament and other Relevant Youth Bodies in Nigeria.
Speaking with the PRO of The FCT Police ‎ASP Anjuguri Manzah, he said that The FCT police command and the Commissioner is highly pleased with the vast charity projects of Amb.Phil Roberts and also glad that his partners in the Project Know Thyself international (UK) has chosen Nigeria a…

#NoSidonLook When Something is Wrong in Nigeria

 HelloBoss,There is a new super radio campaign that encourages us to speak up for Nigeria's development. Have you heard it on your radio at all? So is something is wrong in your area?  Well now is the time for you/us to do something about it. We want to see what’s going on across Nigeria. If you SidonLook they no go repair your light, if you SidonLook they no go repair road, if you SidonLook you no go get water.   Send in your pictures or videos to @TalkYourOwn and @SCEEPNG and ‘@jenny_chisom' using the #NoSidonLook.Come on guys let’s do this together’For more information go to

Communiqué from Two-Day Evidence Mining Workshop Of Voices for Change non the Being A Man In Nigeria Report

I was in Lagos to be part of this Evidence Mining Workshop, remember? Here is the Communique! Enjoy reading.

In 2015, Voices for Change (V4C) drew together four separate research studies conducted between June 2014 and June 2015 into a synthesis Landmark Research Report (LRR1) titled: Being a Man in Nigeria: Perceptions and Realities. Over 20,000 copies of the report have since been shared, both online and physically, since its state and national launch in October and November 2015, respectively.
As part of the report’s follow-up process, V4C organised a two-day Evidence Mining Workshop at Golden Tulip Hotel in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria, from August 23 -24, 2016. The workshop allowed cluster groups from traditional and social media, religious and traditional leaders (RTL), academia, civil society organisations (CSOs), government, and young people the opportunity to meet and explore the Being a Man in Nigeria report, and its four standalone reports, in depth.
The groups were…

Celebrating Rev. Goodheart O. Ekwueme - Abel Uloko

I was just strolling around Facebook when I stumbled on this heart warming piece written by one man to another. The bottom line for me is the fact that these men are role models in every sense of the word and are leading examplary lives. The writer is Pastor Abel Uloko of House on the Rock Church, Makurdi, Nigeria to his father in the lord, Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme of House on the Rock Church Abuja. It was to celebrate the man for 17 years of service to the body of Christ in Abuja and beyond. A work that has built me personally too. So I just had to share.
Read up what he wrote below:"Congratulations on 17 years of Mass Evangelism and Soul winning, 17years of Undeniable impact and infallible proofs, 17 years of Grace and Glory. 34 gun salute for your doggedness and resilience, 17 years in the City of outstanding Godly Character and Die Hard commitment to Strong family and marital values. Thank for building such a name that does not smell. You made the gospel look appetizing to myr…

EXHUME: Thought Leadership With Emeka NOBIS

Thought leadership is an enterprise, powered on the wheels of thoughts for the advancement of humanity. It's a role for those with a heightened awareness of their divinity. Thought leaders are people who deeply understand the business they're in. By business, I mean an enterprise ( a vehicle of conveyance) that sells an ideology which changes the face of humanity. If you've got unique insights to share, if you've internalised lessons that can be translated into your own relatable experience, then you're a thought leader.

Single Ladies in Abuja listen Up

Hey Single ladies, (I just got off the phone with a big sister and then had to write this...because a babe needs it and a heartless erring guy needs it to stay alive longer)
So, The next time you meet a seemingly hot, single, desirable and seemingly available guy and during discussions, he wants to know which specific part of town (especially in Abuja) you live,
wants to know what you do to earn a living and what you earn and then asks to visit you at home ...and especially if he is always forming "spiritual", "speaking in false tongues" and prophesying sef....but you see he is not living what he professes...RUN! RUN!
(Apology to sincere believers, not the so called Christians)

Weekly Diary: Men and women Who Impacted my Life

It's mid day! In the last one week, my life has been phenomenal...God brought some great people my way...I learnt so much from hearing them....PEOPLE are really the big deal in life not THINGS.
When God wants to bless you, he sends you SOMEBODY...
Who agrees?
I attended a session by Guardians of the Nation International in Abuja called " An Evening with Johnson Showalter" and he spoke about the power of connecting with complimentary opposites, forging collaborations based on non-market values like love, integrity and trust and using that as an edge to create prosperity and impact. I'd be sharing more from him later.

Givers Club Abuja Commemorate International Day of Charity

To commemorate the International Day of Charity as declared by UN for 5th September which is Monday, members of the Givers Club, a forum of people passionate about giving to the needy and pioneer of "do-it-yourself" charity took to the streets of Abuja on Saturday to sensitise the public about importance of giving and that they can be a blessing to people around them with anything that they have.The also used the opportunity to distribute gifts to the hawkers, petty and road side traders, and also had a stop over at the Internally Displaced Persons, IDP camp in Durumi Abuja.This project was ideated by Mr. Dan Soetan.

Are Men Endangered Species?

Happy Sunday boss, I had such a great supernatural time at Church today. Pastor Paul Adefarasin preached on the FULL DISCLOSURE of believers' power and authority through grace from Jesus Christ. Coming out and still basking in that moment, I heard about a statement made by the former Military Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, that "Nigerian men are fast becoming endangered species‎ as women have taken a stand to overtake in all sectors".
I laughed because I totally understand his stand point. He even went further to appeal for men to "stand up and raise foundations that will speak and defend men", and he also called for total support for women.