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Men Are Weak: Quote of the Week

Before you crucify, I didn't write this as you can see. I found it online. 
I actually have seen women battered by unfeeling men yet bounced back, but men usually hardly recover from hurt, so I accent to this. An example of a strong woman is my friend and coach, Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds, the Matchmaking mistress who had 14 abortions and 15 heartbreaks but still was able to accept love.
I will tell you about her in some other post. On this quote, do you agree? Share your opinion.

Online Press Conference for the Nigeria Rise Concert To be broadcast live on Engage TV (@tvengage) Across The World

Nigeria's biggest Independence show , the Nigeria Rise Concert holds on October 9, 2016 at the Sheraton Abuja Hotel. 
This Concert being powered by Project Know Thyself International in partnership with AGN, DJ's Association, Abuja Comedians Association, Nigeria Police, Bloggers In Abuja and many Media platforms is said to be the mother of all shows as all roads will lead to Abuja to showcase a way forward with hope for Nigeria. 

Conversation on Naira Land On Why Men Do Not Deserve Most Women; So They Rather Choose To Remain Single

 I was strolling around on the internet when I stumbled on this post on a discussion titled  EXPOSED: Reason For Increasing No Of Single Ladies In Nigeria & The Solution by joshrar  and a particular thought line from a certain Nigerian caught my attention. This is what he had to say word for need proofreading it sef so as to guard against distortion. Lol For the original post , click on the original title mentioned above.

"Since I've started reading Nairaland, from what I have been reading here about how Nigerian men percieve Nigerian women, the only question running through my mind is " WHy would a NIgerian woman want to marry such men?"
Seriously being a man is not about having a joystick. it takes more. Most men here talk more like animals who did not suck the breasts of their mother. like people who do not have mothers, sisters, or who would not have daughters in future.
I keep asking myself. Where do these people come from? Who trained men like…

Churches and Seed Sowing: The Common Sense Perspective - Idy James

When I was sent this article, I accepted to publish because first its balanced and true. Again, I remember a picture (that went viral on social media last week) of a young girl who was said to have used her schools fees to 'sow seed' in Church and how people bashed churches, Christians and so called pastors. Idy James presents a common sense and of course biblical perspective to the madness of seed-sowing preached rascally in majorly pentecostal churches.Enjoy reading and drop a comment. When Your Pastor tells you to Sow Seeds and get blessed, have you pondered where the seed should come from? It should come from your earned resources. But of what use is the Sowing if there are no means to get it?

This Week My Man Crush Is Majid Michel; He Loves Jesus Too

My Man Crush of this week is Majid Michel! Today is his birthday too. I love him because of the fierce way He loves Jesus and preach Him without shame. Talk about a celebrity knowing that Jesus is the only real celebrity! Join me to celebrate this Ghanaian Actor that I love!
You love me, so should love whoever I love too. Isn't it? 😁Follow him on Instagram too @majidmichelmm 😘😘😘
#GodChasers #NothingElseMatter

How To Transit From Paid Employment to Starting a Succesful Business with Charles Efe

I spent about a decade working in banks and left as a unit head in the International banking division for early retirement and transition to spend time with my own business, i must say that I had a peaceful transition. Months after I left I have never regretted or felt like going back one second. Do you know why? The reason was because i planned the exit from the first day I entered and executed as planned. I had a game plan and it worked if not completely but was adequate.

IncubatorsPro for Smart Entrepreneurs In Abuja

I have said this before and I want to still say it again.
The reason why ENTREPRENEURSHIP will continue to elude our educational system and those running it is because we continue to teach Entrepreneurship as a Course.
Look, Entrepreneurship is NOT a Course.
It is a Philosophy.
Teach it as a Philosophy and the natural consequence for that is the birth of a great Movement. 
Can't you see that's simply what we are doing in #TheIncubators Africa?
We are raising a Great Movement!
And from the report coming to us in Lagos, Nigeria from the Abuja State Founder and her Team just few minutes ago, Abuja is fully set to take their next business learning ecosystem (BLE) happening this Sunday, 25th Sept. to a whole new level and deepen the Movement.
To all entrepreneurs who have applied to be part of #TheIncubatorsABUJA, we can't wait to have you all around.
Welcome in advance!!!
Access into #TheIncubatorsPRO is strictly by invitation!
Chinonso Ogbogu ww…

Low Self Esteem in Nigerian Men Caused By Women; Can Be Solved By ALL

Written by Seyi Otitoju (a blog reader)
ABOUT MEN.....My take on the issue. 
In reaction to this post from Monday, Seyi wrote in from Abuja...enjoy:

Wow! Jenny,I commend you for being forthright about an issue I'd like to call a problem society has created and is now experiencing a throw back effect. But first, I'd like to celebrate Linda Ikeji and all the successful single women in their chosen careers who are positively impacting society. The issue you have brought to fore seems to me to have begun when society sought development over values. I think that as society developed it became glaring unwittingly that it takes more than brains and brawn to be accepted as a man. The material factor had to be in place too. 

Is Men Empowerment A Taboo in Nigeria?

Female speaker:  Men didn't get a fair chance at being groomed, loved, taught about life and family life. Then they are suddenly  expected to perform miracles in adulthood! No way! 
Even the bible rightly said a woman' is 'the helper' but we leave both the help and leadership to men after not grooming them from the home front?
Men must lead and provide and protect a powerful gender - the woman, who carries with her all that he needs to multiply. But when he doesn't even have the basic leadership training to be a human being first before being male, what happens?
Male Speaker:
True! You babes are actually helpers according to the Bible, but Nigerian culture puts all the help on men. I have never seen a woman interested in empowering men or considering they are even humans. Na so so women empowerment, we nko?

What do you think about this conversation? Is it feminist? 

Someone asked me if I am feminist and I was at a loss because, I have never understood the concept. I am of…

5 Extraordinary Books For Extraordinary Entrepreneurs - Jumia Market

Whether you're simply beginning your business or you're hoping to grow a built up brand, incredible business books can have a big effect on the way you run your organization.

It is important for every entrepreneur to have a source of inspiration. Books written by successful business experts can serve as guide in growing profits and achieving work-life balance.

Below are 5 books recommended by JumiaMarket business intelligence team.

Blue Ocean Strategy by W Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne: Written by professors of INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy institute and taking into account an investigation of 150 vital moves spreading over more than a hundred years and thirty enterprises, this book describes the market universe. The Blue Ocean Strategy book will help you figure out how to make competition unimportant and how to assemble and enhance your business from what is as of now in the commercial center. This book will help you realize what may not be accessible to shoppers, or displaying you…

4 Ways Video Games Can Improve The Life Of A Nigerian - Jumia Travel

A majority of Nigerians have the erroneous belief that video games are time-wasters and that most of the audiovisual games available have a way of encouraging violence, including other social ills. Unfortunately,there is no tangible proof to ascertain the misconception, instead, new research shows that games offer plenty of positive benefits. 
Wondering how this may be? We at Jumia Travel share some of the ways playing video games can actually improve your life.

Does Bobrisky, Joshua Agai as examples of Nigerian Men Bother you?

What is your take about cross dressing like in the case of the 'Nigerian Barbie doll', Bobrisky (In photos), Joshua Agai the model and the veterans Denrele and Papa Charley boy? 
Does this trend portend anything for men in Nigeria? What comes to your mind? We know it's part of the signs of the end time and that we also have girls who are tomboys, but what else do you think motivates men to 'wanna be girls'?
Picture 1 - Joshua Agai Picture 2 - Bobrisky

McKinsey Research Shows Big Opportunities Ahead in Africa

Although Africa's growth has slowed, the long term fundamentals are strong, big business opportunities lie ahead and the overall outlook is positive.  These facts are contained in the latest McKinsey Global Institute Report just released today titled, Lions On The Move II: Realizing The Potentials of Africa's Economy.  

According to the MGI'S new report, four fundamentals are likely to underpin Africa's economic growth.  Firstly, Africa has the fastest urbanization rate in the world. Over the next ten years, 187 million more Africans will live in cities—equivalent to half the US population today. Secondly, it has the biggest working-age population in the world of 1.1 billion in 2034—larger than in either China or India. Thirdly, it has the largest reserves in the world of many key natural resources (e.g., 60 percent of the world's unutilized but potentially available cropland, and the largest global reserves of vanadium, manganese, and many others). Additionally, Af…

Christians Should Be Helping Hands

Dear Christian,
Today is Tuesday. People need a helping hand, a healing word, an integrity that comes from that grace from knowing Jesus...It is not alright to join the world to behave like the world. In darkness, we should be the light. 
Work dressing, talking, behaviour shouldn't be contradictory to Sunday/church dressing, talking and behaviour.
Let's what we hear on Sunday be what we do from Monday to Saturday!
Bless you!✌

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Enter For Olympic Milk Football Competition

Are you an amateur footballer seeking the right exposure andopportunities for your talent? If yes, then the opportunity is here again. Registration for the second edition of the Olympic Milk 5-A-side Football Competition has kicked off.
All you need to do to be a part of the 5-A-Side competition is to purchase one carton of 400gm of Olympic Milk powder, take your receipt to any Olympic Milk powder distributor in your state of residence and complete your registration online before the deadline on Friday, October 28, 2016. The registration is open to 16 year olds and above.According to Nutricima, makers of Olympic Milk, "the tournament is hinged on creating a platform to engage young people with passion for the game and help them gain the right exposure." The competition will hold in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Benin City and Ibadan.The teams that finish between first and third at the end of the tournament will pocket a whooping sum …

Men Talk: Why Linda Ikeji and Other Successful Women Are Still Single; Your Fears

Hello boss,
Do you know that today is Linda's Ikeji's birthday. I've been celebrating her for days now even though I have never met her. I want to take a minute to celebrate a woman of humility, beauty, intelligence and hardwork and for putting Nigeria on the map because of blogging, and like me, she also turned 36 today.

When I wished her happy birthday on Instagram early this morning, I advised her to check out other interested non-Nigerian men for marriage and I truly mean it.