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SEX: Herbal Remedy To the Rescue for Couples' Increasing Sexual Dysfunction in Nigeria

On today's news from Guardian Newspaper, it was reported that men's rate of sexual dysfunction is on the increase. No, It is actually couple's.
I have been wondering if this recession and hard times is not a major contributor. Well, it was a professor of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Ilorin, Toyin Yakubu, that disclosed this yesterday and he recommended herbal remedy as the escape route  calling on  prompt government intervention to stem the tide.

MEN: Why I Am Leaving My Wife - Runcie Mike.

I have seen unbelievers with very strong marriages and believers with very funny marriages, I guess the unbelievers praymore, I then feel very bad for all the women that have been killed lately by domestic violence for not praying hard enough, at least they would have still been alive today, I guess we should teach our people how to pray more, of course prayers changes everything, but in my humble submission, please what should be done by obedience, should not be done by faith, let's teach our women how a woman should be treated, but not when we spend all our time from their childhood teaching them that they are the inferior ones to the men, in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither male nor female, we should stop using words like "wife material" on our ladies, the bible never referred to a woman as a material, cuz that's what we have reduced them to, rather she is far more precious than rubies, Let's also teach our men that Ephesians 5:21 says, …

MEN: Join Our Men Empowerment Group - League of Extraordinary Men on Facebook

After having two group sessions with men and learning to connect them, I started creating a Facebook page that will help involve men - extraordinary men, yesterday.
The healing that has come about in our previous sessions have saved homes and imparted men who belonged, in special ways.
So, on this Nigeria's Independence Day, the League of Extraordinary Men is born. It is an exclusive Men support group that is meant to connect real men to help with intimate issues that can enable all men WIN! Here, Men empower one another.
Who said men do not talk? The real ones do. They connect beyond the periphery.
You should not believe me until you join by clicking here. Remember it is for men only
Ladies, do invite men you know who want to win by connecting with other men, to the group too.
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VALUES: Happy 56th Independence Celebration Nigeria!

Celebrating a great nation with beautiful and hardworking people...keep soaring my Nigeria.

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EVENTS: Project Pink Blue Hosts Wiki Loves Women in Abuja

Project Pink Blue and Wikimedia UG Nigeria, in partnership with WikiAfrica, and the Goethe-Institut will be co-hosting a 2-day workshop Wiki Loves Women in Abuja, Nigeria. The 2-day workshop will teach up to 20 women in Abuja how they can create contents on Wikipedia and increase visibility for activities of women in Nigeria. 
Gender inequality is rife in many parts Africa. Over the years, many strides have been taken to address inequalities in the workplace and within society. However, particularly online there remains systematic bias that disadvantages women by only profiling men, especially with regards to information, news and knowledge.

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Check For Your Nigerian Company Name Here First

Hello Boss,

Today, Let's talk some business regulation and registration issues on Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). This is to let you know, that you can now search on CAC website if the company you want to register is already registered and of course you can use it to check the status of your own registered company too.
Just click here
PS: I think it is majorly for Limited Liability companies and above because I could not find one of my companies that is a sole proprietorship.

MEN: Is Your Wife A Team Mate or Is Your Future Investment at Risk?

Written by Aramide Ramotalahi Kasumu
I have male friends who would talk to me about relationships and marriage, and one of the things I always ask is, "God forbid something happens to you, can you trust her to take care of your family?".
Most Nigerian men like women that are dependent on them, but I say strong men are built by the woman they "team" up with - a good and smart woman would only help you become a better person .
You can run your business ideas by a spouse who you know has got your back, and both of you can make it happen.

American Women Business Leaders That Nigerian Men Need To Learn From

How many women business leaders can you name? Probably just a handful, right? Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook is a natural. Perhaps someone like Meg Whitman. But anyone else?
If statistics and women’s drive and imagination have anything to do with it, that may soon change. That’s because more and more women everywhere are turning to their own businesses—or beginning to lead companies—and revolutionize the face of entrepreneurship.

Jumia Travel Launches Holiday Packages in Nigeria

To celebrate the World Tourism Day, Africa's leading online hotel booking company Jumia Travel, has announced the launch of its first holiday packages in Nigeria. The package rates are inclusive of hotel stays, spa treatment, meals, transport and a tour guide where applicable.This initiative will focus on popular destinations such as Obudu Cattle Ranch, Olumo Rock and Ikogosi Warmspring in Nigeria. According to Paul Midy, Jumia Travel's CEO, "the move is part of the company's initiative to promote domestic tourism in Nigeria, as we approach the peak season". He added that "this will therefore be quite ideal for families, couples, group of friends and even corporate groups vacationing in the months of August to December".Last minute plans will also be well catered for due to the flexibility offered by the packages; for instance, by either directly calling Jumia Travel's Customer Service or by filling in a simple query form, the team will be able to o…

Find a Job Today on Neuvoo

Neuvoo is a job search engine that indexes jobs directly for free from companies' career websites, placement agencies and job boards for free.  According to their Nigeria and South Africa Country Director, Phumi Bezu, you can be confident in this service.

So if you are seeking for a job, or have someone who has been on the search, do click to get job opportunities that are beneficial for you whether you are a student or working class. Here are some advantages of : ·More than 42 thousand jobs available in Nigeria, ·Comfortable and easy search options, ·Available in over 60 countries ·User-friendly

MEN: 3 Things Nigerian Men Ignore That Ruin Their Lives

Written by Ike Ani
It is usually the way of nature that what a man decides either makes him or mars him in his life endeavours. But the question for many Nigerian men to answer is, “have I made the right decisions for my life yet?” . In Nigeria, it is common for young and old men to just get busy with the money hunt, Job seeking, building house desires and settling down as many would fondly say. But in as much as these goals are not in themselves bad, there lies the beginning/origin of many shattered lives amidst men in Nigeria today. In this article are 3 crucial areas where Nigerian men miss it all and get messed up. Read on.
In life, we all at one point find it easy to flow with the trending culture in our immediate society which is usual or should we say natural for man to do which basic science called for all living things which included man “adaptation”. But there comes a huge deadlock when a man lives daily and then blend with the trending culture without having the necessary kno…

UNESCO: Education Needs To Fundamentally Change If We Are To Reach Our Global Development Goals

The new Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report by UNESCO, shows the potential for education to propel progress towards all global goals outlined in the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs). It also shows that education needs a major transformation to fulfill that potential and meet the current challenges facing humanity and the planet. 
There is an urgent need for greater headway in education. On current trends, the world will achieve universal primary education in 2042, universal lower secondary education in 2059 and universal upper secondary education in 2084. This means the world would be half a century late for the 2030 SDG deadline. The Report, Education for people and planet, shows the need for education systems to step up attention to environmental concerns. While in the majority of countries, education is the best indicator of climate change awareness, half of countries’ curricula worldwide do not explicitly mention climate change or environmental sustainability…

GTBank Launches Virtual Arts Gallery

Leading African financial institution, Guaranty Trust Bank plc, has announced the launch of ART635 (, a Virtual Arts Gallery created to reignite interest in African art and drive the growth and development of the local art industry.
Art635 is a foremost online repository of African artworks and is set to serve as a leading platform for the promotion of indigenous artists across the continent. At the moment, most budding indigenous artists in Nigeria and across Africa have little or nowhere to showcase their works and make a substantial living from their works.

SEX: How Women Can Use Sex To Help Men Become More Spiritual

Hello Boss,
Did you miss me for 24 hours at least? I did miss you ooo.
Well while  I was away, I got many more gists for you and top on the list is one that you will likely keep you thinking and you may relate to, easily. 
My question is "Do you ever feel closer to God during or after having sex?", that is for sexually active men here. I am asking because I need to learn and women like me also need this juicy information. 
Reason is that according to what Daily Mail is reporting here, "researchers claim having sex inspires spirituality and even belief in God. 

Take your Business to the next level, Learn from Business Leaders and Get support from Government

Hello Boss,
I knew that this event holding tomorrow cannot happen without me informing you. You still got a chance to take your Business to the next level, learn from Business Leaders and also get support from Government.

To participate or Exhibit, register now at and ensure to be at the venue, Landmark Event Centre, Lagos tomorrow.

EnoFass Brings Bold Coffee, A Business Training

Eno Foundation Aspiring Suave Success (ENOFASS) is a Business Management and Development Company that seek to improve the managerial standards of business startups in Nigeria. From Communication, Advertising, Human Resource Management, Leadership or Customer Relationship Management, they have young CEOs covered. ENOFASS is an Abuja, Nigeria, start up doing their best to attain greater heights.
 ENOFASS is having this business training (Bold Coffee 1)  in October on the 8th, 2016 focusing on Customer Relationship Management for business startups. The aim of the training is to notify the importance of customers in business, how to relate with them and also manage business customers.
Register to attend today.